Spectra pump review – S1 vs M1

This is meant to share with mummy who considering S1 vs M1. This review is by Audrey Yeo, a singapore mummy. 



(Experiment conducted by Drey Drey Yeo)

S1 is a hospital grade pump.
It has a very unique suction where it vibrates ur nipple during suction, triggering your letdown to come faster and also helps to stimulate milk production unlike other pumps which will just pull and release.
It allows you to customize your pumping experience. You can set the suction power and suction duration separately. It is Close System, has a timer(auto off at 30mins) and night light(under handle) to make it easier to pump at night. Has a massage button to help achieve a letdown faster. In-built rechargeable battery which can last around 3hours of pumping.

M1 is a normal usage pump.
It has the same unique vibration suction like s1, just that the vibration is much faster for m1, therefore it might not be noticeable.
It has a Joint suction power/suction duration control, as u increase the suction power, the suction duration will also get longer. It is Close System and will auto switch off at 30mins. Has a massage button to help achieve a letdown faster. In-built rechargeable battery which can last around 1.5 hour of pumping.

Comparison of S1 Vs M1:
S1 is 1.12kg and M1 is at 300g
S1 is much bulkier(C:64cm, H:19cm), M1(C:37.5cm, H:7cm).
S1 battery last longer.
S1 may be able to help achieve more yield due to its unique suction.
S1 is much silent than M1.
S1 has stronger suction power.
M1 empties the breast much faster due to its longer suction duration(lv3,4,5)

S1 is more for serious pumping where your concern is more about increasing yield and also to have a more comfortable pumping experience. Recommended for Home use and Office use.
M1 is very portable due to its size and weight. It can empties the breast much faster due to it’s long suction duration, good for people who need to get pumping done in a short duration. Recommended for pumping on the go or for multi tasking(cooking, playing with kids while pumping).



Pump at work Ep 2 – Pump Schedule

Worried that boss may not like it that I took up a lot of time pumping.

Started work and finally I settled with my awesome pump schedule 🙂

Always committed with my midnight pump because it helps to maintain my milk supply and hopefully do some wonder by increasing it.

  • 2am (30mins)
  • 5am (15mins)
  • 9am (10mins)
  • 12nn (20mins)
  • 4pm (15mins)
  • 7pm (20mins)
  • 10pm (20mins)

As you can see, I will need to pump 3 times in my office at least if I do not work overtime, Therefore, I will settle back with about 10 to 12oz . Each pump time I will take about 10-20mins depending on work schedule.

Sometimes if i am too busy I will move the 9am to 10am then continue with 2pm then 6pm. These days I will pump only 6 times per day.

Have a nice day!


Pumping at work Ep 1 – Wash and Pump

Officially start work.


For my whole confinement leave, I have been planning and thinking what to bring and how to pump during my work time. Worry that I could not pump on time, what boss and colleague would think of my pumping schedule, heavy bags and things to bring and tadaaa.. I ended up bringing three bags and one ice box to work on first day of work. Such a drama queen.

Then moving forward I can actually pack my stuff better in a more compact way.


Let’s take a peep what is in my bag 🙂


  1. Medela freestyle pump
  2. Assembled parts (breastshield with valve and membrane)
  3. Cover
  4. Small bottle of pureen bottle wash liquid cleanser
  5. Wet and dry tissue











All these can actually fit in my medela bag – Awesome!

Often, people ask me,


How you wash your pump?


Well, I do not wash my pump – in a way. What I do is, I would rinse them in hot water and put them back in my tupperware container and keep in fridge for the next use.

Occasionally, if my breast milk is oily then I will put in two drops of liquid cleanser into the water to soak my pump. I do not disassemble the parts but just close the container and toss my parts in the water. Then, I will rinse them twice, warm water and hot water. After that I will keep them in the fridge for the next use.

Some mummy may say the liquid cleanser will get stuck in between the breastshield and valve if I do not disassemble them. So I tried to observe and I do not notice any bubbles. The parts feels squeaky clean.

Once, I met a few colleagues in the nursing room and they share with me how they clean and keep their pump parts.

  • Mummy 1. Instead of keep the parts in container, she put in a zip lock bag. After every pump, she will use the wet tissue (she is using pigeon hand and mouth wet wipes) to clean the membranes, valves and breastshields.
  • Mummy 2. Another mummy keep the pump parts separately, using both container and air dry bag. After every pump, she will disassemble the parts and wash them using liquid cleanser (sometimes without) and brush. She will air dry the parts using a special air dry bag and keep the parts back in container once they are dry.

Out of curiosity, I observe how different it makes between them and myself, in terms of time take for each pumping session.


Review 1 time taken for each pump


  • Mummy 1 She pumped for 20mins (double pump) and spend 2mins to clean her pump parts. In total she took only about 25-30mins to get back to desk.
  • Mummy 2 She pumped for 30mins (single pump and 15mins for each breast) and 15mins to wash and keep her pump parts. In total she took about 45-60mins to get back to desk.
  • I pumped for 20mins (double pump) and spend about 5mins to clean the pump parts. In total I take about 30-35mins to get back to desk.


Review 2 things to bring to work


  • Mummy 1 She use her handbag (medium size long champ) to put everything in. Fabulous.
  • Mummy 2 She use her autumn bag which is bigger than the mummy 1’s bag.
  • I use my medela bag and in fact I can still put in my purse and mobile in and ready to go. Medela bag is about the same size as the medium size long champ which have a lot of compartments. Super useful.


Any mummy want to share your tips how you pump at work? Appreciate your sharing here *wink*


I am sharing my pump schedule work here!