Sanrio Hello Kitty Land, Johor Malaysia – Travelling tips with my toddler and baby

Hello Kitty Land, Nusajaya Johor Malaysia

Long weekend getaway

I decided to visit Hello Kitty Land during one of the long weekend because it is near (approximate 3 hours drive from KL) and it is indoor.

Well, since there are not much review, I decided to share a few tips and information with you.

Useful information

Best time to visit: 

  • Weekend will be Sunday and Weekday will be Mon – Thurs due to Johor weekend falls on Friday and Saturday which is different from other states – no school days means less crowd 🙂

How long does it takes to visit: 

  • One day trip could cover up the 3 floors of theme park well
  • Do arrive early says 10am in the morning (soon as they start) and do enjoy till the very last moment 6pm

Where to dine: 

  • They have pretty good choices of cafes and restaurant in the building itself so do not worry
  • Price range from MYR8 could get a decent meal

Breastfeeding and baby friendliness: 

  • Shame, not breastfeeding friendly
  • NIP is NOT NOT common in Malaysia so do remember to bring a nursing cover

Attraction and activities: 

  • It is mainly divided into 2 areas; Hello Kitty and the Big playtime
  • 3 floors covers 2 theme and 3rd floor is the theme park
  • Long list of shows, activities and parade so do plan well to full enjoy every shows! Make sure you do not miss any of them! Click here for my itinerary tips 

How much does it cost: 

  • Ticket for kids priced at MYR 55, adult for MYR75
  • Maid consider as foreigner rate ya

What to expect: 

  • Cold – remember to bring jacket for you kids especially if you are visiting on a off peak day
  • Small snacks and water for the kids – not convenient to go in and out to purchase food as the staffs need to keep checking your tickets
  • BF gadget as it is a non BF friendly place
  • Socks – need to wear it at the play area

For more references:


Freemie reseller

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.00.29 AM

There are so many reseller on the market so how to go about to decide who to buy from?

Tip #1

Accessibility is always very important to me. I personally prefer to buy from shop or local reseller and the nearer the better. This is because I believer if anything happens I can go back to the reseller easily. Then again, online reseller works fine for me – normally their price are more competitive.

Tip #2

Warranty. I want a warranty that can be directly send back to the manufacturer. So, No No No parallel importer. My experience with parallel importer was VERY BAD. They took my xxx back and come back to me very very late. Worse, they send my xxx to a local shop and get it repair and send it back to me and I realise it is not fixed with some of my original part missing!

Tip #3

Service. When you buy a new thing in the market (Yes, Freemie was very new in Malaysia market back then in early 2014), you want a reseller that can help to advise.

Tip #4

Of course, money matters. I compare price.

There is a long long list of reseller that you can find. Back then there are less than 3 to choose from. I bought mine from Pump Love, the first and authorised reseller in Malaysia. So far, I am very happy with her service as she teach me how to use and get back to my every question when I asked.  Also, her price are the cheapest among all the quotation that I obtained.

Sharing out Pump Love contact : +016 774 9968

Freemie – Compatible pump

IMG_6598 2

Freemie website have stressed out that not all type of pump is compatible. Thus, you must be careful when you make decision to buy or not.

List of breast pump that is compatible with Freemie are as below:


  • Latina
  • Personal
  • PISA
  • Symphony


  • TEB


  • Purely Yours


  • Freedom
  • Equality

This is what I get from the reseller. I was over whelmed at first because there are SO MANY parts! Keep calm people. Keep calm.

IMG_6599 2

From the photo above, I will go start from box and clockwise to explain what I have. Ignore my meddle spare kit.

  • Freemie assembled cup in the box
  • Tube 1
  • Backflow protector (BFP)
  • Tube 2
  • Tube 3

IMG_6600 2

Let me share my vidoe with you how to assemble Freemie.

Boat Noodle, The School Jaya One

Boat Noodle, The School Jaya One


There have been so much hu-ha about this boat noodle in the town. Loads and loads of review being done by numerous blogger so here I am, joining the crowd to get a taste of this boat noodle.

I am a big fan of spicy food especially Thai food and so is my hubby. He is a non picky eater but a glutton (contradicting kan?).

  • Menu price and food range (1/5)

Even thou the noodle is RM1.90 per bowl but the portion is so PATHETIC small!. I actually need to eat 5 – 6 to fill my empty tummy. I have been to Bangkok and seriously, their boat noodle portion is not this small. Well, it is at least half bowl full. This is like, one spoon full? My hubby also pointed out their pricing got a bit crocked. The dessert is RM1 each but the meat ball is RM4 each (only 3 price) – talking about size vs price. Conclusion, very ex!

  • Taste (4.5/5)

Well, I admit it taste good (5/5) as I have yet to find anything similar for now. If compared to bangkok the one that I have tasted I would rate it (4/5).

  • Ambiance (4/5)

I like how they use recycle stuff to decorate. Environmental friend and cost saving. But the table are a bit dirty, hopefully they can improve on this.

Conclusion: Must try if you do not mind spend a little bit more. For me, first and last unless they do some decent pricing adjustment -.-“

Coco Steamboat, Puchong

Coco Steamboat, Puchong


Steamboat is always one of my favourite. Good steamboat is hard to find as most of the restaurant tend to serve plain soup with overdose of MSG.

Today, I want to share my experience with Coco Steamboat which have been mushrooming around Klang Valley since 2012. They have quite a fair bit of branches now and the nearest to my house is located at Puchong.

  • Menu price and food range (3/5)

Well, if you come here then the pork knuckle soup base is a must try (their specialty) which cost RM19.90 for the soup only. Max for 5 person where additional +1 need to add on $. Menu standard per pax is RM17.90 with ala cart range RM6 – RM20. Average price is 10% higher than other steamboat restaurant.

  • Taste (4/5 for soup 3/5 for food)

Pork knuckle soup base is good (4/5) as I love the rich and milky texture. If you are not a fan of fish head noodle type of soup then this is not for you. Other than that, food is so-so as it is not soooo fresh that I would say yummy.

  • Ambiance (3/5)

If you do not mind hawker standard of cleanness then this should be acceptable for you. For me, for the price I am paying at RM35/pax, I would expect a better eatery ambiance.

Conclusion: Not worth travelling 20km for this but if this is nearby can drop by and try.

Address: 51-02, Jalan Kenari 19a, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia, 47100 Puchong, Selangor


Photo credit to:…/puchong/restaurant-cocosteamboat-猪骨褒火锅

Malaysia 2015 calendar – 11 Long weekends & Local weekend getaway


Credit source:

Let’s plan for road trips & trips & trips!!

Yes you are right. It’s gonna be 11 trips, at least!

With this 11 long weekends I have so much in my mind of where to go and how to get about.. Long weekend is awesome for young mum like me (and you) because we do not have to apply long leave. Just grab your bag and two toddlers (not forgetting my super maid) – BANG the road!

Where to visit with my two little girls..

  1. KLCC Aquarium
  2. Genting
  3. Cameron Highland
  4. Tambun Lost World
  5. KL Bird Park
  6. Farm in the City
  7. Desaru
  8. Lego Land
  9. Hello Kitty Land
  10. Langkawi + Penang
  11. Port Dickson
  12. Malacca

I am actually planning how to get there and where to go about on all these places so please stay tune!

Please share with me if you have any good local trips!

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My breastfeeding friendly confinement lady

Soon as I know I am pregnant, I have started looking for “MY” confinement lady. Phobia of tradition confinement that I faced last round, I decided to hunt for a confinement lady that fit “MY Style”. She have to be a breastfeeding friendly and knowledgeable person and DO NOT start nagging me on all the pantang-ish things to do and not to do.

Finally I found “HER” 🙂

During my first confinement, I am not allowed to shower (Chinese believe that if you come in touch with water during the this period, you will have Rheumatism in future), stand or sit up for long (saying that it will weaken our bone or “expand” it causing a bigger hips) and only certain foods are allowed.

With my confinement lady help, she help me to overcome all the totally absolutely rubbish hardship.



She allowed me to take balanced diet. Which means, vegetables and fruits allowed on my plate (Yes, it is awesome!). I ate vegetables and fruits – which all these are the forbidden food as what mentioned by my first confinement lady. Well, in fact, my confinement lady admit that it is true that some of the vegetables are not good as they are too “cooling” for postpartum. However, there are certain type of vegetable and fruits that I can eat.

  1. Broccoli (White and Green)
  2. Spinach (Green and Red)
  3. Carrot
  4. Capsicum
  5. Long bean
  6. Mushroom (All types)

Also there is only one type of fruit allowed.

  1. Apple

My confinement aunty also make some delicious milk boosting dessert for me.

  1. Red bea (Only red!)
  2. Pumpkin soup
  3. Fungus lotus soup
  4. Papaya fungus soup



 Baby Routine & Breast feeding.

A good well knowledge confinement lady does an awesome job not only on food but also help me a lot on my breastfeeding journey. Get it right on the first time, I would say you have conquer a successful breastfeeding journey – at least half of it.

How she do it?

She help me make a good routine for my baby. From my first and third week only direct latch – no pumping. As I am still weak due to postpartum, she encourage co sleep and dream feed baby so that I can rest while feeding. Fourth week is the week that I pump and feed via bottle at night. From then on, my baby will sleep with her. She advise this routine because my baby will sleep in a separate room when I goes back to work. Therefore, she help me train my baby in this way.

At first, my baby will scream out of her lung when bottle feed but things get better as days goes by. Trust me 🙂

She taught me how to bottle feed.

  • Ask your partner / baby caretaker feed for you so that you can have some rest time, also to train your baby to accept soothing from others
  • Change teat and bottles that your baby prefer – I used Avent and my baby is fine with it
  • Feed small portion but more frequently
  • When feeding via bottle make sure the flow is not too fast – can try medela calma teat for start

Postpartum daily routine.

Shower is allowed but with condition.

  1. Washing hair only allowed on 10th day. Then after every 3 days.
  2. Shower can be done every alternate day.
  3. Only shower with herbs.
  4. Hair must be dry up immediately.

Her rationing with shower is this. Olden day people do not shower because the weather is cold in China. They do not sweat. Since we are staying in Malaysia, despite we are Chinese shouldn’t we look at how the Malay do their confinement? I actually learned a lot from her.

Technically, for the first 6 weeks, I have been direct latching and pumping non stop. So other than makan, minum, tidur urut and feeding, I does nothing else.

You can read more about my post natal care – urut review here.


My Verdict?

Pro: as mentioned above.

Con: She do not help out with house work nor take care of my elder (she said so when I interview her).

I personally like her. For sure, I will engage her for my #3 child, if I have one.

Usana Malaysia Review Ep 1 Calcium, BiOmega, Essentials & Nutrimeal – Price

These came to my door way yesterday and I paid my friend RM343 (price excl the Nutrimeal as she let me try).


She purchase on behalf as a member price (yes, it is freaking expensive) and mind you, this can be finished as fast as 14days to 60days. Why I say so? As breastfeeding mum, I have desired minimum dosage that I would like to meet (read it here) thus,

  • Calcium RM76 – RM0.68 / tablet – 2 tablets x 3 times / day
  • BiOmega RM89 – RM1.59 / tablet – 2 tablets x 2 times / day
  • Essentials RM179 – RM1.00 / tablet – 2 tablets x 3 times / day

These will cost me about RM16.44/day! Ouch!

In addition to this, I am drawn to try out one of the most hu-ha product of Usana, Nutrimeal that cost RM121. This pack recommended serving is 9. Coming to.. RM13.44 / serving..

Think about this, I am gonna spend RM29.88/day equal to RM896.40/month. An average fresh grad pay in Malaysia is RM2,600/month so who gonna spend 34% of their pay on supplement?! Bear in mind, with this amount of money you can pay for a RM50k – RM70K car installment – Myvi for instance.

However, taking the price aside, I am taking this supplement because it is really really good. Well, you get what you pay after all. I have testify how it improved my breast milk here. In addition, I also find that my health improved as I get sick lesser and have better skin complexion.

In fact, there are a lot of MLM product in the market that are sold at a much lower price because they do not spend much on advertisement and marketing which I do not know why Usana still so expensive. Or maybe everything import become expensive in Malaysia? LMAO Therefore, the only reason I can console myself why I am paying such a premium price is, the quality. I research a lot about the product and company. Review is really good. I share my references as below.

Well, if you afford, why not Usana? Or another method to afford yourself for this premium quality supplement is by joining the member.