Freemie Deluxe – Assemble with my Medela Freestyle


FAQ: If I am using a non compatible pump (like me, I am using Medela Freestyle), can I self modify / enhance the parts to suit my pump?

I have read and understood that my pump, Medela Freestyle is not compatible with Freemie so I have made enquiries to the reseller and ask about it. I am worried what if I have spend the money and I could not use it? Worse, if I have to buy another pump just to use Freemie. My conversation and queries with the reseller as follows (green is reseller):

  • Is it compatible with Medela Freestyle?
  • Yes.
  • But I read and research, so far the reviews all commented a no.
  • For Medela Deluxe, if you can use it with Medela Deluxe.
  • What is the concern and why everyone say No? What is the risk?
  • If you use a wrong pump the risk is the back flow problem. The milk may flow back to your pump. This can actually be resolved if you use a back flow protector.

This is the back flow protector and how to assemble. A little modification and it works!


Tutorial & step by step:

  • After you assemble freemie (refer to my previous video sharing), you can now connect your tube to the (tube 2 – which is the bigger tube) .
  • Fix the tube 2 to your BFP.

TAKE NOTE! You must fix the tube 2 connecting to the smaller tubing toward the pump. Or else the BFP won’t be protecting your pump!

  • Then connect the other end of tube 2 to Medela.

Vola! Happy pumping people!


Usana Malaysia Review Ep 1 Calcium, BiOmega, Essentials & Nutrimeal – Price

These came to my door way yesterday and I paid my friend RM343 (price excl the Nutrimeal as she let me try).


She purchase on behalf as a member price (yes, it is freaking expensive) and mind you, this can be finished as fast as 14days to 60days. Why I say so? As breastfeeding mum, I have desired minimum dosage that I would like to meet (read it here) thus,

  • Calcium RM76 – RM0.68 / tablet – 2 tablets x 3 times / day
  • BiOmega RM89 – RM1.59 / tablet – 2 tablets x 2 times / day
  • Essentials RM179 – RM1.00 / tablet – 2 tablets x 3 times / day

These will cost me about RM16.44/day! Ouch!

In addition to this, I am drawn to try out one of the most hu-ha product of Usana, Nutrimeal that cost RM121. This pack recommended serving is 9. Coming to.. RM13.44 / serving..

Think about this, I am gonna spend RM29.88/day equal to RM896.40/month. An average fresh grad pay in Malaysia is RM2,600/month so who gonna spend 34% of their pay on supplement?! Bear in mind, with this amount of money you can pay for a RM50k – RM70K car installment – Myvi for instance.

However, taking the price aside, I am taking this supplement because it is really really good. Well, you get what you pay after all. I have testify how it improved my breast milk here. In addition, I also find that my health improved as I get sick lesser and have better skin complexion.

In fact, there are a lot of MLM product in the market that are sold at a much lower price because they do not spend much on advertisement and marketing which I do not know why Usana still so expensive. Or maybe everything import become expensive in Malaysia? LMAO Therefore, the only reason I can console myself why I am paying such a premium price is, the quality. I research a lot about the product and company. Review is really good. I share my references as below.

Well, if you afford, why not Usana? Or another method to afford yourself for this premium quality supplement is by joining the member.