Sanrio Hello Kitty Land, Johor Malaysia – Travelling tips with my toddler and baby

Hello Kitty Land, Nusajaya Johor Malaysia

Long weekend getaway

I decided to visit Hello Kitty Land during one of the long weekend because it is near (approximate 3 hours drive from KL) and it is indoor.

Well, since there are not much review, I decided to share a few tips and information with you.

Useful information

Best time to visit: 

  • Weekend will be Sunday and Weekday will be Mon – Thurs due to Johor weekend falls on Friday and Saturday which is different from other states – no school days means less crowd 🙂

How long does it takes to visit: 

  • One day trip could cover up the 3 floors of theme park well
  • Do arrive early says 10am in the morning (soon as they start) and do enjoy till the very last moment 6pm

Where to dine: 

  • They have pretty good choices of cafes and restaurant in the building itself so do not worry
  • Price range from MYR8 could get a decent meal

Breastfeeding and baby friendliness: 

  • Shame, not breastfeeding friendly
  • NIP is NOT NOT common in Malaysia so do remember to bring a nursing cover

Attraction and activities: 

  • It is mainly divided into 2 areas; Hello Kitty and the Big playtime
  • 3 floors covers 2 theme and 3rd floor is the theme park
  • Long list of shows, activities and parade so do plan well to full enjoy every shows! Make sure you do not miss any of them! Click here for my itinerary tips 

How much does it cost: 

  • Ticket for kids priced at MYR 55, adult for MYR75
  • Maid consider as foreigner rate ya

What to expect: 

  • Cold – remember to bring jacket for you kids especially if you are visiting on a off peak day
  • Small snacks and water for the kids – not convenient to go in and out to purchase food as the staffs need to keep checking your tickets
  • BF gadget as it is a non BF friendly place
  • Socks – need to wear it at the play area

For more references:


Yoomi – Breastfeeding friendly bottle



Selling point for this milk bottle is the self warming system.

  • Warm up milk in 60sec
  • Milk temperature at a perfect 32-34’C
  • Anti colic & nipple resemble teat
  • 100% BPA free

When I first told my husband that I want to purchase this milk bottle, my husband was much skeptical about it. The very first thing that he asked is, why do I need this?

In my opinion, this invention is actually to replace the warmer. Instead of warming up the milk using the warmer, one can straight use this bottle to warm and feed directly – in a much shorter time too!

I would want to share out my review of Yoomi as follows.

  • Should I buy Yoomi?
  • How to use Yoomi?
  • Is it safe to use? I am afraid it may scald my baby or even electrocute my baby!
  • Is it difficult to wash and how many components there are?
  • My experience
  • Useful Video & FAQ

Hope my review helps.

Things to know before you become a new mum



I actually wished I have never been a mum.

Do not get me wrong. I love my kids. Madly deeply. But being a mum is just way too tough.

Never ever in my life, I have think that being a mum is that tough. Listen. It is not challenging. It is tough. To you, my friend, that have not conceived or have a child, please be prepared or think twice before you read on. This will have an impact in your decision surely. But, this is solely my opinion. Do not that this as a decision making guidance whether you should have child or not. It is too sinful – me.

So, are you ready? Are you ready to have to be a mum? Well, if you possess the below mentioned pointers, I would think you are there.. perhaps, able to have one or two..

1. The swallowing skills

The first thing that I learned when I have my first child is to eat fast. Eat as fast as you can because your baby will start asking for you very very soon – regardless is for feeding or wet napkin. So, eat fast. Then come the second child, I learned to swallow food. Why? Because before you sit down and pick up your cutlery, the first child would probably doing some dangerous stunt and before you know it, your second baby has just poo poo.

2. Learn to turn deaf

This skill is very useful. It actually keep your sane and most of the day, as a happier person. Firstly, learn to turn deaf when people start to critic on your children. Don’t be naive and think that everyone love your children as you do. Most of them time, people will start throwing comments on your children as annoying, ugly, not cute, smelly, square face, no hair, ADHD, SID and a lot more. Learn to turn deaf or swallow the words. See, swallowing skills is important right?

See what happen to me when people start throwing words saying my child is a ADHD and SID here.

3. Perfection and OCD is a myth

Yes. It is. I was an OCD. I could not stand folded papers. I change towel and pillow case daily. I spend hours to re key in my contact list in my iPhone to make them organised, by last name followed by middle and first name. All these was a “was”.

When you have kids, accept that the house is neat so long there are space to walk. Things are clean so long they are not spilled with drinks or it looks clean. You do not have luxury time to do what you want but focus on what you need to complete in the freaking few minutes that your children are napping. 

4. Be a bad guy – Mum is always the bad guy

At a point of time, I hate going out because my child just can’t sit still for 10 mins! And when I start educating my child, there are audience and judges. People will start going like, a candy or two won’t hurt. Coke won’t kill. 

Ok. And now my children is gonna throw themselves on floor and shouting like nobody business. Then people goes like, “Aiyo, what that mum like that one?”

What they do not know is, with the sugar level that my child consume is gonna kill me during night time. Owh! Of course I know it won’t kill but who is taking care of my children when they become owl at night? Or they fall sick due to too much of junk food? You are no suffering but ME!

So, rather be a bad guy than suffer. Accept it. You are a bad guy. 

5. DBKL – eat the leftover

When comes to party or outing for meals (i.e. family gathering), you always eat the last. Well, maybe if you have only one child and a maid, you can eat together with the rest of the people but if you have more than one, *puff*, having a decent meal is a dream. 

Ever since I have my second baby, I have not eaten a decent meal (unless I am out with my parents where they offer to let me eat first). Wait till everyone have finished their food (or at least the first round) then you can have your meal. 

6. Invisible person

Accept the fact that you can no where to be found in the group photo – because you are either breastfeeding your baby or changing napkin or gods know what.

7. No me time – and learn how to cope with sleepless night

If you are a breast feeding mum, you know what I mean. Especially the first few months. 

8. Lose of identity, people only know you as xxx’s mummy

Actually even my husband start calling me, Mummy, and I hate it!

Even thou I am a mum but I am still a wife, a daughter, a sister to someone. So why am I losing every role now? I still need to be loved and cared. Does it means that I can no longer be pampered once I have children? 

Guess you have to learn to accept the fact that being a mum actually convert your life in every way. The role of a MOTHER have actually out place your other identity. 


So now tell me, are you ready to be a mum?



My breastfeeding journey Ep 2 – How to success breastfeeding?

Do you have these obstacles?

  • My confinement lady do not support breast feeding.
  • My parent in law do not support breast feeding.
  • My parent and family do not support breast feeding.

That’s enough for you to fail. When you try to breast feed your child under such circumstances, trust me, it is so so tough. Tougher than struck lottery.

How to breastfeed successfully?

Soon as I know I am pregnant, I look for a breast feeding friendly confinement lady (Right #1). She helped me a lot and encourage me to keep feeding and never supplement with formula (Right #2). She told me this,

Olden day there are no formula and we all lived well. You are here, I am here, we all survive. What do you think our parents feed us when there are no formula?

You can read my review on my confinement lady here.

Also, I purposely left my pump back in the city. So that I can’t pump (Right #3) in the first 2 weeks. With this, I can only direct latch my baby (Right #4). Direct latch is the most critical thing to make sure you build a strong base in your breast feeding journey. You just have to hang on and HANG ON and hang on for the first few weeks. Especially the growth spurt weeks.

Baby will normally have their growth spurt on week 3, 5-6, 8, 12, 16. Soon you pass thru the 4th month, breast feeding is like a breeze.

Have the correct positive mindset.

I keep telling myself..

  • I have milk
  • I have sufficient milk for my baby
  • Supply = demand = supply
  • Relax and feed
  • Baby cry do not necessary means baby is hungry
  • Baby stomach equal to my supply as days goes by

Size of a Newborn's Stomach




Maternity cloths / Baby online stores review

Since I am already heavily pregnant, could not walk that much anymore, I have actually do a lot of online shopping recently.

Thus, thinking to share out all the online store with you. If you have any favorite stores or review, please do also share with me =)








Baby stuffs:

Maternity cloths:

My review on the online stores :)

I have purchase quite a fair bit of product online and so far my survery for the stores are as follows:

Maternity cloths

Most of the productst that I obtained from mamahouse are their pants which cost about RM40-50 per pant. It last me about 6months (from week 14 onwards). The quality of the pant have nothing to shout about because of the 3 pants I bought, I left with one only (2 spoilt). Perhaps it is due to my washing machine.. Not too sure..


Price: 8.5/10

Qualty: 7/10

Fashion: 8.5/10

Bought mostly working cloths and tops. Nothing to shout about as it is plain normal tops. Dresses are too expensive for me as most of it cost RM100 and above.


Price: 6/10

Qualty: 8.5/10

Fashion: 7/10 and also from Topshop midvalley physical stores.

Bought the most cloths from tops, pants, leggings, dresses and working cloths.

However, I spend a fortune on topshop because their maternity range is not cheap!


Price: 7/10

Qualty: 8.5/10

Fashion: 9.5/10

Baby stuffs


Price: 7/10

Qualty: 8/10

Fashion: 8.5/10


Price: 9/10

Qualty: 8/10

Fashion: 8/10


Price: 8/10

Qualty: 7.5/10

Fashion: 7/10


Price: 7.5/10

Qualty: 9/10

Fashion: 8/10