Supplement for pregnant and lactating woman review

The kiasu-ness me,

always survey, google and ask around before deciding.

My first pregnancy, I was with Dr Delaila, who was a very very nice, chirp and patient gynae. She prescribed the essential supplement to me which is required for every pregnant woman. I was taking calcium, fish oil and multivit till i deliver.

For my whole 8 months of breast feeding (6 months of exclusive pump), I did not take any supplement as my gynae said that so long i maintaing a good diet then it should be fine.

Then come my second pregnancy, I was with Dr Tang Boon Nee as Dr Delaila was no longer practicing. Dr Tang is very much different from Dr Delaila. She encourage very much on taking necessary supplements.

How i started,

come in touch with different supplement is from my group of friends.

Don’t be surprise when you hear numerous brand pops up which I even know until I start asking!

Nutrilite, Herbalife Nu Skin, USANA, Shaklee One-a-day, GNC, centrum, E-Excel, Nature Made and all the way to Blackmore.

Most of the them introduced me to E-excel, GNC and Nutrilite. Then after my friend, mei kee who is taking USANA supplement since her early pregnancy strongly “promote” USANA (she was then already a member). All right. Me being a skeptical person always have this thing with MLM products (all the products mention above are MLM). But no harm trying, I was thinking.

Focusing the supplement I need that I blogged here, I would share my review as follows ūüôā

First, Calcium!!

Image Image Image

From left to right, Nutrilite USANA & GNC

Each tablet of Nutrilite consist of:

    • Calcium: 200 mg
    • Magnesium: 66.7mg
    • Vit D: 200IU
    • Zinc: 5mg

Each tablet of USANA consist of:

    • Calcium: 200 mg
    • Magnesium:¬†100mg
    • Vit D: 100IU

Each tablet of GNC consist of:

    • Calcium: 600 mg
    • Magnesium: 300mg
    • Vit D: 400IU

My earlier post shared about the required daily intake as follows:

    • Calcium: 1000mg
    • Magnesium: 350mg
    • Vit D: 200 IU
    • Zinc 11mg

My thought?

I spoke to each sales consultant and understand that

    • the best ratio of calcium absorption is to take with magnesium with the ration of 2:1 or 3:1
    • calcium chelate is better than calcium citrate¬†as it can be easily absorb and cause little or no gastrointestinal
    • calcium carbonate is the worst! sadly, most of the supplement do use this as the ingredient

Looking at this, USANA is better as

    • it has the best calcium, magnesium ratio compared to GNC and Nutrilite
    • i won’t overdose myself with the magnesium and Vit D if i take USANA 5 tablets or 1000mg of calcium compared to ¬†GNC 2 tablets or 1200mg of calcium (bear in mind we need only 1000mg) where USANA 1000mg of calcium equal to 500mg of mag and 500IU of Vit D but GNC 1000mg of calcium equal to 700mg of mag and 800IU of Vit D!!

The only con about taking USANA is, it is super expensive as compared to other GNC and Nutrilite. Per tablet USANA cost RM0.60, GNC cost RM0.40 while Nutrilite cost RM0.30 (all price from Not to mention USANA need to consume 5 tablets which is RM3.50/day, Nurilite also 5 tablets but only RM1.50/day,  GNC only 2 tablets at RM0.80/day to obtain the necessary calcium dosage.

What’s your verdict?

Well, i can say if you are USANA member then it is worth taking it or else, GNC is a much economical choice.

Second, Vit D!!

 Well, since calcium already contain the necessary Vit D, it should be fine it is.

Third, Fish Oil!!

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 4.08.42 PMScreen shot 2014-06-27 at 4.00.18 PM










For fish oil, the ingredient mainly are EPA and DHA

Each tablet of Nutrilite consist of:

    • EPA: 1200mg
    • DHA: 600mg

Each tablet of USANA consist of:

    • Fish Oil: 1000mg
    • EPA: 290mg
    • DHA: 235mg

Each tablet of GNC consist of:

    • Fish Oil:1500mg
    • EPA: 540mg
    • DHA: 360mg

There are nothing much to compare about fish oil in terms of ingredient as there is no overdose clinically proven result. So it is the more you take the better it is?


I research and found out that fish oil are NOT all the same, read here.

Thus, how to choose the best? Purity is the criteria. Tips? Put your fish oil in the freezer and see whether it will be frozen. If it is not, then higher the purity is.

Tried a few different brand and notice Nutrilite and GNC do become frozen (not fully) and USANA is NOT frozen.

What’s your verdict?

My thought? USANA it is, despite it is more expensive!

Nutrilite RM1.50/capsule, USANA RM1.60/capsule, GNC RM1.20/capsule

 Sharing of my result,


I do see different between my breast milk for taking supplement and without, read it here.




* All the ingredients are obtained from the respective website as at 26 July 2014 and all above is solely my own sharing and research. It does not represent any of the companies or do not constitute ads or whatsoever.


Essential supplement for pregnant and lactating woman

The first thing¬†–

that come to my mind when talking about healthy pregnancy is supplement! Reason being I am a full time working mum and have my food mostly outside thus, supplement is very very important for me.

I started to google and try to find out more about how much and type of supplements does a pregnant woman. Then I realized there are 4 supplements that I must take (vary from individual) and also as recommended here. These are calcium, vitamin D (i took multivit), folic acid and fish oil.


Required: 1000mg / day

Dosage: Absorb only 500mg per intake

Benefit: Grows strong bones and teeth, healthy nerves, heart, and muscles; develops heart rhythm and blood clotting

Overdose: Constipate, kidney stone

Supplemental calcium comes in different forms, most commonly calcium citrate and calcium carbonate. Calcium citrate is the type most easily absorbed by the body.

Calcium carbonate provides the most calcium, but requires extra stomach acid to help dissolve it, so it’s best taken with a meal. (Because calcium citrate doesn’t require stomach acid for absorption, it can be taken between meals and is a good choice for those taking heartburn medication that reduces stomach acid.)

An adequate intake of vitamin D is necessary for your body to absorb calcium.

According to Bruce Hollis, professor of pediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina,

“I recommend that pregnant women take a supplement of 4,000 IU of vitamin D a day. And I recommend that lactating women take a supplement of 6,000 IU daily,”


Vitamin D (Multivit)

Required: 500mcg or more / day

Dosage: N/A

Benefit: Helps build bones and teeth

Vitamin D of 500mcg can be easily obtained from my daily meal as i love milk (1 cup fortified skim milk: 98 IU), salmon (3.5 ounces salmon, cooked: 360 IU) and egg (1 egg yolk: 20 IU) much! Fish liver oil, fatty fish, and fortified milk, egg, and cereal products all contain vitamin D. Be sure to check food labels: Some eggs, cheeses, yogurts, and cereals are fortified while others aren’t.

If you’re lacking vitamin D during pregnancy, your baby may be short on the vitamin at birth. This can put her at risk for rickets (which can lead to fractures and deformity), abnormal bone growth, and delayed physical development.¬†A deficiency of vitamin D has also been linked to a greater risk of pregnancy complications, including¬†preeclampsia, and a higher likelihood of an expectant mom needing a¬†c-section.

Folic acid

Required: 400mcg / day

Dosage: A400mcg highly importance for early pregnancy especially if you have talassemia like me

Benefit: Helps prevent neural tube defects; may reduce risk of other birth defects; critical for DNA production (building block of cells)

Overdose:¬†Don’t take more than 1,000 mcg per day of folic acid unless your healthcare provider advises you to. This is particularly important if you are a vegan. Vegans are at risk of being deficient in vitamin B12 and taking too much folic acid would make it hard to diagnose that deficiency.

Folic acid able to make normal red blood cells and prevent a type of anemia. Folic acid is also essential for the production, repair, and functioning of DNA, our genetic map and a basic building block of cells. So getting enough folic acid is particularly important for the rapid cell growth of the placenta and developing baby. This is why it is essential for me a talassemia carrier.

Fish oil

Required: Not required

Dosage: N/A

Benefit: Baby brain development

Overdose: None studies has shown any clinical proven effect

It is not a essential supplement for pregnancy woman but me being a kiasu mummy want to take everything that is best for my baby if, it is believed. proven to be good. There are several studies show that fish oil can directly or indirectly contribute to baby brain development.

Research 1

Research 2

Research 3

However, studies also show that if a pregnant woman have oily fish more than 2 serving per week, tend to have premature baby or low birth weight. True enough, both my pregnancy does have this problem due to my diet.

Review on supplements –


is the next thing on my list as i am certain of what I need ūüôā

You can read it here!!