Postpartum Hair Loss solution review

Postpartum Hair Loss 


This is what happen every single time I combed my hair. I was so scare that I stop combing my hair and to the extend I dread of washing my hair! I feel like I am under going chemo looking at the rate my hair is falling!

My first baby was not this bad and people tell me normally second baby hair loss will be worse. But really? This bad?

Well, let go about why this happen? It is said that during our pregnancy, we do not lose hair or so called our hair was “freezed” therefore, our “freezed” hair fall out post pregnancy (which is supposed to fall during our pregnancy?).

I tried all mean of ways to keep myself from being bald – still trying hard now 😦

What I do:

  • Let you hair go loose

I no longer tie my hair now as I notice my hair falls more when I untie them. Thus, I just let them go loose.

  • Cut your hair short

Longer hair = more weight = prone to lose more hair. I cut my hair short after my confinement (my hair is in fact longer during my confinement – funny kan?)

  • Hair care product

You won’t believe how many type of shampoo I tried.


This is not all. I have tried I think almost 10 different brands. So far Nioxin is the best. I prevent my hair from falling that much. Pantene is MYR12.90, BC is MYR35, Avalon is MYR 28, Nioxin is MYR100. Well, if you compute according to MYR/ml vs value for money, I would say Nioxin. Nioxin give me almost immediate result where I can visibly see less hair fall out. Also, the smell is much better than others. It give a faint mint smell which is quite good actually.


I also tried this. MYR 60. It helps so far. This is my first try for hair toner.

  • Maintain good diet

I tried USANA multivitamin and still taking them. They consist Iron which apparently helps to prevent hair loss.

Still having bad hair fall experience now so I plan to try out a few more other brand that have good reviews. Keep in view these few products.




My personal experience is to take folic acid and multi vitamin. Also, so far Nioxin and the Optimax hair toner helps me a lot. If you have good tips do share with me 🙂

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