Baby Gathering Etiquette – Mummy Lil Handbook! What to expect when bring baby for outing?

Recently come across this from a mummy sharing. Poor her that her little baby got infected (probably) during a gathering.. Thus she actually share this out and I think it can actually benefit all of us!

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Baby Gathering Etiquette


Recently, my son has caught the chicken pox from a baby that was infected at a baby gathering i attended. And this has brought to my attention that there are so many articles on social and dining etiquette yet none on baby gathering etiquette.

Here we go!



1) Do NOT bring your baby out to a gathering where there will be children and/or young babies if your child is unwell. Infact, the only reason why you are leaving the house with child in tow is because your destination is the doctor.

2) Do not think its ok just because you dont know what is your baby unwell with. Its worse! Seeing that you arent sure what your baby is unwell with, it could be anything from a common flu to a deadly virus. Why take a risk and expose all the innocent babies. You are not to gamble with the well being of other people’s babies!

3) At a gathering, always ask for permission if you would like to try/take something that belongs to another baby. Some parents might not like their baby’s chew toy in your baby’s mouth! Nobody likes a wipe thief either, bring your own wipes to gatherings and if you run out, ask before reaching out to take wipes from packet that belongs to someone else.

4) Always keep your eyes on your baby. Especially of he/she is sitting next to other babies. This will ensure that the babies dont hurt each other accidentally. (hair pulling, poking the eye and scratching of faces)



5) If theres a sleeping baby, do try to keep your voices down. I know its a gathering but its also good to be considerate to ensure that everyone has a good time. (parent of the sleeping baby may also be considerate and bring baby away from the gathering to allow baby some quieter nap time.)

6) Dont be competitive. It doesnt matter that your baby walked 3 months before mine or that your baby can say a few words before his/her time. ALL babies are the best to their parents and most likely, they will eventually learn to walk, talk and give us grieve in thier teenage years. Be encouraging to other parents, it will be appreciated. Why cause worry in other parents just because their 8mo has not learned to crawl? Babies learn differently and at their own time. Your baby isnt going to be first in everything, would you want to feel bad?

7) This is a no-brainer. If you or your partner is unwell, please, DO NOT attend the gathering. Even with a N95 mask, you are still putting the well being of other attendees at risk. Be considerate.

8) Wipe your baby’s saliva off a borrowed item before returning it. Please dont return a dirty toy/item to a baby.

9) Dont hog the common toys, share and take turns. Your baby isnt the only one who wants to play.

10) Do not kiss any baby unless its yours or you have seeked the consent of the parents. Not all parents are ok with having their babies handled and kissed by other people.

11) Always appoint a parent to bring a thermometer. Check all attendee’s temperature before they join the party/gathering.

The END.

Thank you for reading and i hope all you parents out there pride yourself on being a Considerate Parent. 


Things to know before you become a new mum



I actually wished I have never been a mum.

Do not get me wrong. I love my kids. Madly deeply. But being a mum is just way too tough.

Never ever in my life, I have think that being a mum is that tough. Listen. It is not challenging. It is tough. To you, my friend, that have not conceived or have a child, please be prepared or think twice before you read on. This will have an impact in your decision surely. But, this is solely my opinion. Do not that this as a decision making guidance whether you should have child or not. It is too sinful – me.

So, are you ready? Are you ready to have to be a mum? Well, if you possess the below mentioned pointers, I would think you are there.. perhaps, able to have one or two..

1. The swallowing skills

The first thing that I learned when I have my first child is to eat fast. Eat as fast as you can because your baby will start asking for you very very soon Рregardless is for feeding or wet napkin. So, eat fast. Then come the second child, I learned to swallow food. Why? Because before you sit down and pick up your cutlery, the first child would probably doing some dangerous stunt and before you know it, your second baby has just poo poo.

2. Learn to turn deaf

This skill is very useful. It actually keep your sane and most of the day, as a happier person. Firstly, learn to turn deaf when people start to critic on your children. Don’t be naive and think that everyone love your children as you do. Most of them time, people will start throwing comments on your children as annoying, ugly, not cute, smelly, square face, no hair, ADHD, SID and a lot more. Learn to turn deaf or swallow the words. See, swallowing skills is important right?

See what happen to me when people start throwing words saying my child is a ADHD and SID here.

3. Perfection and OCD is a myth

Yes. It is. I was an OCD. I could not stand folded papers. I change towel and pillow case daily. I spend hours to re key in my contact list in my iPhone to make them organised, by last name followed by middle and first name. All these was a “was”.

When you have kids, accept that the house is neat so long there are space to walk. Things are clean so long they are not spilled with drinks or it looks clean. You do not have luxury time to do what you want but focus on what you need to complete in the freaking few minutes that your children are napping. 

4. Be a bad guy – Mum is always the bad guy

At a point of time, I hate going out because my child just can’t sit still for 10 mins! And when I start educating my child, there are audience and judges. People will start going like, a candy or two won’t hurt. Coke won’t kill.¬†

Ok. And now my children is gonna throw themselves on floor and shouting like nobody business. Then people goes like, “Aiyo, what that mum like that one?”

What they do not know is, with the sugar level that my child consume is gonna kill me during night time. Owh! Of course I know it won’t kill but who is taking care of my children when they become owl at night? Or they fall sick due to too much of junk food? You are no suffering but ME!

So, rather be a bad guy than suffer. Accept it. You are a bad guy. 

5. DBKL – eat the leftover

When comes to party or outing for meals (i.e. family gathering), you always eat the last. Well, maybe if you have only one child and a maid, you can eat together with the rest of the people but if you have more than one, *puff*, having a decent meal is a dream. 

Ever since I have my second baby, I have not eaten a decent meal (unless I am out with my parents where they offer to let me eat first). Wait till everyone have finished their food (or at least the first round) then you can have your meal. 

6. Invisible person

Accept the fact that you can no where to be found in the group photo – because you are either breastfeeding your baby or changing napkin or gods know what.

7. No me time – and learn how to cope with sleepless night

If you are a breast feeding mum, you know what I mean. Especially the first few months. 

8. Lose of identity, people only know you as xxx’s mummy

Actually even my husband start calling me, Mummy, and I hate it!

Even thou I am a mum but I am still a wife, a daughter, a sister to someone. So why am I losing every role now? I still need to be loved and cared. Does it means that I can no longer be pampered once I have children? 

Guess you have to learn to accept the fact that being a mum actually convert your life in every way. The role of a MOTHER have actually out place your other identity. 


So now tell me, are you ready to be a mum?



Birthday party idea – DIY with cupcakes, party bags with budget in KL

Happy Birthday to you ūüôā

ff bear cake 1

#throwback post

Rara was approaching one year old birthday in December. Hoping to give her a beautiful themed party of Forever Friend. I start searching for birthday cakes, cup cakes and all party items such as party bag and desserts for the dessert bar.

There are a few that I shortlisted which is good and value for money (mind you – i did not say it is cheap).


Birthday cake and cupcake – often if the baker bake cakes, they do have cup cake come along

Review: I personally engage Agnes for twice! Her fondue cupcake is not too sweet and the design is nice. Price wise is the cheapest I can find in town for the quality she deliver. Cupcake 3D about RM4.5 and 2D is RM4. Cake two layered come with 5 3D cupcake matching theme RM500. I gave her the design I wanted and this is what I get. You can judge whether worth it or not!




Birthday planner Рmeaning they do everything and you just enjoy the party

Review: A lot of my friend engaged Yvonne Fong. She charge around RM2000++ depends on what you want. She have standard package to offer and also prove vary with your needs. IMO, worth it if you do not have time to do it. I personally DIY my party except for food.


Birthday printing Рthey design and provide printing for everything you need

Review: I DIY. Used free template that I can find online and design most of it using powerpoint and print it myself. For sticker for the jellys, I bought sticker paper off rack (easily found from Popular) and print them.


Birthday catering РI prefer less oily and fried food also, they have food testing

Review: Food is nice and they have variety of food menu. Went for food tasting prior the birthday and food taste exactly the same for the event day except the vege is overcooked. Overall, it is value for money I would say.


Birthday dessert РEgg jelly is something new I found

Review: If your child is dairy allergy this will be awesome! Jelly cake ūüôā You can see the egg jelly here!

They say my baby girl is diagnosed with ADHD and SID



It is challenging¬†when Rara is the only child at home few months back. She could not self entertain and heavily dependent on us, the parent or family member to keep her entertained. My in law family then label her as “abnormal activeness” “highly dependent” “attention seeker” and etc. They also said that my baby girl have temper problem because she often get angry and throw herself on floor. At the end, SID and ADHD came out from my BIL mouth saying, maybe Rara is having self injury disorder and hyperactive disorder. I was worried on all the comments that they throw on my child and¬†I almost breakdown at that point of time.¬†

Panic, sad and helpless. I went to consult my paediatric, Dr Khoo at SJMC.

When I first go in to the clinic and start bursting out like a panic-freak-out mum, my paed just smile and say, “you should worry when your baby girl is quiet, highly independent and introvert at the age of 13mo!” I dumbed for a second. She explains that it is very common for a young toddler to be so active. However, I still insist that my baby may have ADHD as people around me keep telling¬†me that Rara is different from other kids (i.e. compared to my husband when he is young).

Looking at me almost tearing, my paed suggest that I go for a simple test to see whether is it true that Rara is having ADHD and SID.

Remember vividly, there are a few question that I need to answer. It is a long list of questionnaire with multiple choice. It goes from the rating 1 to 5 for about 25 questions. Some of the questions are (that I can remember of) whether your child have disorganised problems, could not sit still for 30seconds (i remember searching for Rara video and observed if there’s any 30sec!), fidgety, fail to finish things that she started, demand need to be met immediately (having hard time with this question because i actually called and ask my MIL) and etc.¬†

There a score chart that determine the level of ADHD. Paed says Rara condition is not worrying. It is just purely an active toddler. 

As for SID, it is not commonly found in young children. Research shows SID can only be found as young as 7 year old child however, it is not conclusive. 

The conclusion made by the my paed is that observe for another 1 year – if the condition persist then have to check if Rara is diagnosed with Bi-Polar which is often confused as ADHD and SID (combination of both).

Paedetric bipolar disorder are scarce. You hardly can find a good one in Malaysia that major in this area. But if you do suspect, do pay Dr Koo a visit. She may help. 


Indoor playground in KL & Johor – Birthday party with Jkids


My forever running #longlifebattery two year old Rara is absolute full of energy that nobody can cope with! I always imagine to:

  • bubble wrap her so that she can safely play herself
  • bring her to a place that is fully sponge from roof to the floor so that she can jump all around and fall in whichever way and still won’t get injured

Yes. I wish so I Googled.

Jkids 1

Jkids at Paradigm, PJ

Jkids 3

FunFunLand in Kluang

Indoor playground which is getting popular since 2012 in Malaysia attracted me. In fact in 2013, I been one at Kluang, Johor called FunFunLand. But at that time Rara is still young so I can’t really feel much fun out of it. Decided to give it another try this round since baby Issac is gonna have his birthday party at Jkids in Paradigm Mall.¬†

My experience with Jkids.

First impression, clean and new. Rara actually got so excited as there are many kids running around. She actually get in with the crowd pretty fast and enjoy all the slides and rides. Yea, there are like 2 or 3 rides there.

What to remember to bring are water and socks. No entrance allowed if you do not bring the socks. If you forgot, you may purchase one there. It cost around RM5 / pair (quality is not so good for the RM5 that you are paying).

I notice there are a few maids that bring the kids there without the parents around. According to the supervisor, it is rather common as some mothers will go shopping nearby that floor. Then my next question is, will the maid leave the kids there and run away or even what more horrid, running away with the kids? She say normally the mother will inform them so that they will keep an eye on the maid and kids. Not allowed to leave unless the mother come and pick up themselves. Guess, it is up to the mum how she perceive the “risk” in this case.¬†

Jkids 5


Jkids 6


Baby Issac party was fun! The food is decent and the cake is fabulous. Issac mummy order buffet and add on some dessert such as the layered jelly egg. 

Jkids 7

  • The ticket entrance is RM30 per pax for unlimited playtime. Guardian(s) enter for free
  • The operating hour is almost same with the mall (10.30am to 9.30pm)
  • Enter with sock is must
  • Guardian(s) must always be in the premise
  • Suitable for 6mo to 9 years¬†– in my opinion

The party cost start from RM500 and depends on how many packs and type of food you order. Of course this exclude decoration. They do have table, chairs and a simple banner if you want.

Review: Value for money 4/5. Clean and new. But a bit too pack during weekend. Good party place for young toddler.


How to keep my toodler seated for 10mins – entertainment for unprepared wedding dinner

Dread of long wedding dinner? 


I bet every parent that is under stress from the activeness level of our young toddler during dinner time / outing have somehow force us resorting HANDOVER THE IPAD to our young ones. In fact, it is a surrender act because we are so desperate to make them sit quietly just for one minute!

When I go out with my 20mo, it is a forever battle for me to have a peaceful meal. However, as times goes by and with my husband help, I do realise there are a few ways that we can actually make them sit quietly for a while.

Let me share with you what I did when I brought Rara to a wedding reception recently – when I go unprepared except¬†for a sticker book. Do not ever go unprepared because I am just lucky this round that she actually behave – to my surprise until the very last 30mins before she was “reactivated”.¬†


I gave Rara milk one hour before we start the dinner. When the first dish is served, she is actually excited to see food. Well I do not usually let her eat out much but guess a little bit unhealthy won’t hurt. I decided to her feed herself. With a napkin around her, it save her little dress from mess. This also helps to improve her BLW. While she enjoying her food, i survived till the second dish.

Stickers and loads and loads of them

Bought 3 stickers books at RM10. I let her put on the stickers on herself and all around the high chairs and daddy’s arm. Of course Rara did not finish all the 3 stickers books as she actually lost interest after the second page. But it still works fine because I already finish up my third dish.¬†

Napkin origami fun time

There are napkin all over so I decided to make good use of them. I fold and make Rara some nice origami and she love them. ¬†This can occupied her a while even thou she start tearing all the napkin apart. Then, I request a pen for Rara and make her start drawing on it. Honestly, I do not really know what she drew (or write?!) but it is just cute ūüėõ #biasmum¬†Without realising, I have come to my fifth dish.


Cup and Ice 

Kids love ice. They just simply love it. Request a cup and ice and let her play with it. It won’t get a messy other than a little bit wet. It is manageable.¬†

Cards and my little wristlet 

Not sure why but she is very obssess with small wristlet. She just could not resist it. Knowing her, I take out my money and left all my cards inside. Rara will take out, put in, take it out, put in and …. Yea, she took¬†10mins to enjoy the process of the taking out and putting it back.¬†

Get some help around

There’s always friend around so – get some help. Pass your little girl around your friends.¬†Each of my friend entertained her for 10mins and that give me a peaceful 40mins of enjoying my meal. This settled¬†the rest of my dinner.

Catwalk all around

Well, the last 30mins was actually Rara time where she has “reactivated” her active mood. So I let her catwalk all around. Luckily there’s a lot of small kids and Rara enjoyed their company.