Santorini Hello Kitty Land, Johor Malaysia – Itinerary blog review

To fully enjoy make sure you plan your itinerary well!

Tips tips and more tips to share..

Arrive early and have you heavy breakfast before you go in.

Spend 10:00 to 11:00 to enjoy all the activities first to avoid que at the later part of the day as normally people will be attracted with all the shows going on the stage. These shows do repeat 2-3 times a days so no worries. Play your card smart.

Therefore, start off with the activities from 10:00 to 11:30 for these hands on activities with your kids.

  • Tea Cup Ride
  • Wishful Studio 1 (Cookie decoration and Manicure)**
Badge making for little girl
Bonding time daddy and little girl
Badge!! Each for each of us and no extra charges 🙂 
  • Hello Kitty House (Visit a house that is full of Hello Kitty)
  • Wishful Studio 2 (Jewellery making, photo shoots & costume play time)**
Cookie decoration time!!
Cookie decoration by daddy and little girl
Cookie decoration WIP
  • Black wonder (Mission to save Hello Kitty)

Once you enjoy all these hands on activities and you have more time, go for the indoor playground while wait for the upcoming shows. Or grab the time window 11:30 to 12:30 for lunch and avoid the lunch crowd.

  • Friendship Land (Indoor playground)


Let me share my shows itinerary as follows (most of them are around the Purfect Stage):

  • 12.30 hello kitty mini show starlight
  • 13:00 hello kitty meet and greet (Dream Foto Garden)
  • 13:30 hello kitty melody
  • 14:00 hello kitty parade
  • 14:30 Thomas mini show*
  • 15:00 Bob and builder*
  • 15:30 Angelina ballerina*
  • 16:00 Pingu*
  • 16:30 Barney mini show*
  • 17:00 Baryney meet and greet*
  • 17:45 LBC come and join the party*

Note the *events are at Floor 2 while the rest are at Floor 1. I design my itinerary in a way that I do not have to rush up and down the floor.


Once you are at Floor 2, you may want to hang out at the follow place while waiting for the shows and activities.

  • Barney Play House**
  • Pingu’s Igloo
  • Bob’s the Builder
  • Bertie the Bus
  • Angelina Studio**
  • Windmile Ride
  • Coline Crane
  • Harlo Ride
  • Sardo Playground

My favourite activities are those labelled with ** ~ highly recommended!

Angeline Studio


Sanrio Hello Kitty Land, Johor Malaysia – Travelling tips with my toddler and baby

Hello Kitty Land, Nusajaya Johor Malaysia

Long weekend getaway

I decided to visit Hello Kitty Land during one of the long weekend because it is near (approximate 3 hours drive from KL) and it is indoor.

Well, since there are not much review, I decided to share a few tips and information with you.

Useful information

Best time to visit: 

  • Weekend will be Sunday and Weekday will be Mon – Thurs due to Johor weekend falls on Friday and Saturday which is different from other states – no school days means less crowd 🙂

How long does it takes to visit: 

  • One day trip could cover up the 3 floors of theme park well
  • Do arrive early says 10am in the morning (soon as they start) and do enjoy till the very last moment 6pm

Where to dine: 

  • They have pretty good choices of cafes and restaurant in the building itself so do not worry
  • Price range from MYR8 could get a decent meal

Breastfeeding and baby friendliness: 

  • Shame, not breastfeeding friendly
  • NIP is NOT NOT common in Malaysia so do remember to bring a nursing cover

Attraction and activities: 

  • It is mainly divided into 2 areas; Hello Kitty and the Big playtime
  • 3 floors covers 2 theme and 3rd floor is the theme park
  • Long list of shows, activities and parade so do plan well to full enjoy every shows! Make sure you do not miss any of them! Click here for my itinerary tips 

How much does it cost: 

  • Ticket for kids priced at MYR 55, adult for MYR75
  • Maid consider as foreigner rate ya

What to expect: 

  • Cold – remember to bring jacket for you kids especially if you are visiting on a off peak day
  • Small snacks and water for the kids – not convenient to go in and out to purchase food as the staffs need to keep checking your tickets
  • BF gadget as it is a non BF friendly place
  • Socks – need to wear it at the play area

For more references: