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Freemie, accoding to the website – is not compatible with all types of pumps which include Medela FS. However, I still want to give a try. Thank god, my Freemie (Medela Kit) and backflow protector works well.

My review on Freemie and Medela FS.

How to connect my Medela FS to Freemie?

This picture shows how Medela FS is being connected to the Freemie. As you can see, it use back the same tube and merely attach it to the backflow protector and then to the Freemie tube.

You can purchase either Avent or Spectra brand. Mine is Spectra that cost me around MYR40.

Must I buy backflow protector?

No. A lot mummy say they are ok without but I am afraid of backflow so I just buy in case. My experience tell me that when i bend over nearer to my monitor, I tend to have backflow so i guess it depends on individual.

Freemie FS 1

How to use my Freemie?

I do not use any special or nursing bra but a larger size of bra (upgrade one more cup size) with no padding. Put on the Freemie onto your breast, having the nipple fit into the hole and ensure your bra support the Freemie fitly. I am using a 25mm size Freemie. Make sure you got the correct size for better performance.

You can try to bend a little when you have attached your Freemie. If it does not move away from your nipple then it is fine.

How much BM can Freemie fit?

I yield about 2-3oz each side every 3 hours so i hope no problems with the cup size. Each cup can fit 8oz.

How to determine the size of Freemie to buy?

Initially when I order, I goes like, “Cup C please.” and she goes like, “Urm, we only have 25mm 28mm..” LMAO So shy! It does not matter you are a A or G cup. They have only one cup size FYI. So, please order size according to your nipple size.

Will I look weird with the fake boobs?

This is my concern too! This vidoe can give you a rough estimate of how much your boobs will being “enlarged” to. For me, as I have an Asian boobs so I do enjoy having a bigger boobs for a while. It looks fine on me.

Where to buy and how much?

I purchase mine from Pump love – a reseller I found in facebook. Another reseller is BingBling SG. base in Singapore and also Pump Love base in Malaysia. Another alternative is buy from Amazon of course, this is cheaper that reseller. But so far as I know, Pump love is the first and only authorised reseller in Malaysia when I purchase my freemie.

Bought mine for MYR329 and inclusive of the backflow protector. I get additional 10% discount during their promotion period. Lucky me 😛

PumpLove contact: or +016-774 9968

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