Boat Noodle, The School Jaya One

Boat Noodle, The School Jaya One


There have been so much hu-ha about this boat noodle in the town. Loads and loads of review being done by numerous blogger so here I am, joining the crowd to get a taste of this boat noodle.

I am a big fan of spicy food especially Thai food and so is my hubby. He is a non picky eater but a glutton (contradicting kan?).

  • Menu price and food range (1/5)

Even thou the noodle is RM1.90 per bowl but the portion is so PATHETIC small!. I actually need to eat 5 – 6 to fill my empty tummy. I have been to Bangkok and seriously, their boat noodle portion is not this small. Well, it is at least half bowl full. This is like, one spoon full? My hubby also pointed out their pricing got a bit crocked. The dessert is RM1 each but the meat ball is RM4 each (only 3 price) – talking about size vs price. Conclusion, very ex!

  • Taste (4.5/5)

Well, I admit it taste good (5/5) as I have yet to find anything similar for now. If compared to bangkok the one that I have tasted I would rate it (4/5).

  • Ambiance (4/5)

I like how they use recycle stuff to decorate. Environmental friend and cost saving. But the table are a bit dirty, hopefully they can improve on this.

Conclusion: Must try if you do not mind spend a little bit more. For me, first and last unless they do some decent pricing adjustment -.-“