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Freemie Malaysia Singapore – Medela Freestyle

New Freemie set is having a even greater deal now! One set only cost MYR329 which include the back flow protector!!! If you purchase the Freemie only is at MYR250 which compatible for Septra mostly..

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Freemie 000


Freemie, accoding to the website ‚Äď is not compatible with all types of pumps which include Medela FS. However, I still want to give a try. Thank god, my Freemie (Medela Kit) and backflow protector works well.

My review on Freemie and Medela FS.

How to connect my Medela FS to Freemie?

This picture shows how Medela FS is being connected to the Freemie. As you can see, it use back the same tube and merely attach it to the backflow protector and then to the Freemie tube.

You can purchase either Avent or Spectra brand. Mine is Spectra that cost me around MYR40.

Must I buy backflow protector?

No. A lot mummy say they are ok without but I am afraid of backflow so I just buy in case. My experience tell me that when i bend over nearer to my monitor, I tend to have backflow so…

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Groupon M Square Salon review – 2015 new year hair do for breastfeeding mum (it is ammonia free hair colouring!)

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Chinese New Year is coming and my favorite salon is fully booked. Well, decided to give Groupon a shot to see if there’s any good deal of the day to give my hair a little love :p Decided to give M Square Salon a try because (i) not bad review thus far (ii) use ammonia free product (good/better for breastfeeding mother) and (iii) it is new!

Breastfeeding mother like me often ask, is it safe to do chemical hair services while we BF? Will the ammonia pass thru my BM? Well,experiences mother say it is actually safe to do that, you may refer here, here and here! Even research say it is fine but then again it is up to you, read more here!

Anyway, if you are a little sceptical like me (or we call ourself the kiasi mummy) then opt for organic or ammonia free chemical service -lah (ok my hubby say i am just try to console myself anyhow)

Who don’t want to be pretty during CNY?!

My review on M Square Salon.

The shop is newly open in November 2014. They have two outlets; Puchong and Klang respectively. Puchong outlet have 3 stylist and 2 assistant (also a lovely receptionist). It is located upstairs of a coffee shop which is corner, easily spotted when you drive nearby. They are able to accommodate 6 customers at the same time, 2 VIP in another room plus a comfortable area for the mani and pedicure.

My verdict: Location is easily accessible but located above coffee shop is a little bit not my thing. Imagine walking out smelling good and pass by the chicken wing barbecue uncle.

My hair coloring. I bought voucher which entitle me to do a hair coloring Рammonia free using Eugene Perma Hair Care Product from Paris. It also include hair cut, blow and wash. Eugene Perma is excluse trio of plant and mineral which have ingredient that is essential for hair.

My verdict: When I was doing my hair colouring, there was not scent of the strong chemical smell at all! I feel so organic ammonia free natural happy! Haha I give it a 5 likes!

I was lucky enough because they are new so there are promotion going on in the shop. Only MYR88 for this hair colouring. Then again I was peeping at their menu and realise it is the same price if you walk in (just that it is without hair cut). Buy groupon from here!

My verdict: I was given a range of selection of color to choose of. No limitation of color. No hidden cost. Stylist is not push on my to buy anything extra. For the result, highly recommended!

Peace (Y) That’s me and Jacky ūüôā Have a nice day!

Psssstt! They having MYR28 promotion for mani and pedicure now! Using OPI products! I am gonna try it soon. Well, dear M Square Salon owner, can you give me a free mani and pedicure since I am your returning customer?