Baby Gathering Etiquette – Mummy Lil Handbook! What to expect when bring baby for outing?

Recently come across this from a mummy sharing. Poor her that her little baby got infected (probably) during a gathering.. Thus she actually share this out and I think it can actually benefit all of us!

Have a read 🙂

Baby Gathering Etiquette


Recently, my son has caught the chicken pox from a baby that was infected at a baby gathering i attended. And this has brought to my attention that there are so many articles on social and dining etiquette yet none on baby gathering etiquette.

Here we go!



1) Do NOT bring your baby out to a gathering where there will be children and/or young babies if your child is unwell. Infact, the only reason why you are leaving the house with child in tow is because your destination is the doctor.

2) Do not think its ok just because you dont know what is your baby unwell with. Its worse! Seeing that you arent sure what your baby is unwell with, it could be anything from a common flu to a deadly virus. Why take a risk and expose all the innocent babies. You are not to gamble with the well being of other people’s babies!

3) At a gathering, always ask for permission if you would like to try/take something that belongs to another baby. Some parents might not like their baby’s chew toy in your baby’s mouth! Nobody likes a wipe thief either, bring your own wipes to gatherings and if you run out, ask before reaching out to take wipes from packet that belongs to someone else.

4) Always keep your eyes on your baby. Especially of he/she is sitting next to other babies. This will ensure that the babies dont hurt each other accidentally. (hair pulling, poking the eye and scratching of faces)



5) If theres a sleeping baby, do try to keep your voices down. I know its a gathering but its also good to be considerate to ensure that everyone has a good time. (parent of the sleeping baby may also be considerate and bring baby away from the gathering to allow baby some quieter nap time.)

6) Dont be competitive. It doesnt matter that your baby walked 3 months before mine or that your baby can say a few words before his/her time. ALL babies are the best to their parents and most likely, they will eventually learn to walk, talk and give us grieve in thier teenage years. Be encouraging to other parents, it will be appreciated. Why cause worry in other parents just because their 8mo has not learned to crawl? Babies learn differently and at their own time. Your baby isnt going to be first in everything, would you want to feel bad?

7) This is a no-brainer. If you or your partner is unwell, please, DO NOT attend the gathering. Even with a N95 mask, you are still putting the well being of other attendees at risk. Be considerate.

8) Wipe your baby’s saliva off a borrowed item before returning it. Please dont return a dirty toy/item to a baby.

9) Dont hog the common toys, share and take turns. Your baby isnt the only one who wants to play.

10) Do not kiss any baby unless its yours or you have seeked the consent of the parents. Not all parents are ok with having their babies handled and kissed by other people.

11) Always appoint a parent to bring a thermometer. Check all attendee’s temperature before they join the party/gathering.

The END.

Thank you for reading and i hope all you parents out there pride yourself on being a Considerate Parent. 



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