Bingsu Caffe Bene, The School Jaya One

Bingsu, The School Jaya One


My first Bingsu was with my cousin at Sunway Pyramid.

Patbingsu, or rather commonly known as Bingsu is a ice shaved dessert (like our Malaysia ice kacang) that comes in different flavour. I was drawn to try out the strawberry bingsu as it looks good and the colour just too hard to resist 🙂

  • Menu price and food range (4/5)

Coffee Latte priced at RM10.90 (using this as benchmark cause I always order this) which is slightly cheaper than Starbuck. Bingsu priced at RM12.80 (single) which I think is not that expensive as it can feed 2 pax. Menu range is just a comfy list for coffee lover.

  • Taste (3/5)

My office latte taste nicer 😛 But the Bingsu is worth trying.

  • Ambiance (3/5)

Sunway branch is too crowded. The table was set up too close to each other. I can literally listen to the whole conversation of my next door. Jaya One was the same unless take the sofa seat which the seat is a little bit too low for me.

Conclusion: Bingsu was nice but not nice enough to compensate other short coming. Will drop by occasionally still thou.


2 thoughts on “Bingsu Caffe Bene, The School Jaya One

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