Birthday party idea – DIY with cupcakes, party bags with budget in KL

Happy Birthday to you 🙂

ff bear cake 1

#throwback post

Rara was approaching one year old birthday in December. Hoping to give her a beautiful themed party of Forever Friend. I start searching for birthday cakes, cup cakes and all party items such as party bag and desserts for the dessert bar.

There are a few that I shortlisted which is good and value for money (mind you – i did not say it is cheap).


Birthday cake and cupcake – often if the baker bake cakes, they do have cup cake come along

Review: I personally engage Agnes for twice! Her fondue cupcake is not too sweet and the design is nice. Price wise is the cheapest I can find in town for the quality she deliver. Cupcake 3D about RM4.5 and 2D is RM4. Cake two layered come with 5 3D cupcake matching theme RM500. I gave her the design I wanted and this is what I get. You can judge whether worth it or not!




Birthday planner – meaning they do everything and you just enjoy the party

Review: A lot of my friend engaged Yvonne Fong. She charge around RM2000++ depends on what you want. She have standard package to offer and also prove vary with your needs. IMO, worth it if you do not have time to do it. I personally DIY my party except for food.


Birthday printing – they design and provide printing for everything you need

Review: I DIY. Used free template that I can find online and design most of it using powerpoint and print it myself. For sticker for the jellys, I bought sticker paper off rack (easily found from Popular) and print them.


Birthday catering – I prefer less oily and fried food also, they have food testing

Review: Food is nice and they have variety of food menu. Went for food tasting prior the birthday and food taste exactly the same for the event day except the vege is overcooked. Overall, it is value for money I would say.


Birthday dessert – Egg jelly is something new I found

Review: If your child is dairy allergy this will be awesome! Jelly cake 🙂 You can see the egg jelly here!

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