They say my baby girl is diagnosed with ADHD and SID



It is challenging when Rara is the only child at home few months back. She could not self entertain and heavily dependent on us, the parent or family member to keep her entertained. My in law family then label her as “abnormal activeness” “highly dependent” “attention seeker” and etc. They also said that my baby girl have temper problem because she often get angry and throw herself on floor. At the end, SID and ADHD came out from my BIL mouth saying, maybe Rara is having self injury disorder and hyperactive disorder. I was worried on all the comments that they throw on my child and I almost breakdown at that point of time. 

Panic, sad and helpless. I went to consult my paediatric, Dr Khoo at SJMC.

When I first go in to the clinic and start bursting out like a panic-freak-out mum, my paed just smile and say, “you should worry when your baby girl is quiet, highly independent and introvert at the age of 13mo!” I dumbed for a second. She explains that it is very common for a young toddler to be so active. However, I still insist that my baby may have ADHD as people around me keep telling me that Rara is different from other kids (i.e. compared to my husband when he is young).

Looking at me almost tearing, my paed suggest that I go for a simple test to see whether is it true that Rara is having ADHD and SID.

Remember vividly, there are a few question that I need to answer. It is a long list of questionnaire with multiple choice. It goes from the rating 1 to 5 for about 25 questions. Some of the questions are (that I can remember of) whether your child have disorganised problems, could not sit still for 30seconds (i remember searching for Rara video and observed if there’s any 30sec!), fidgety, fail to finish things that she started, demand need to be met immediately (having hard time with this question because i actually called and ask my MIL) and etc. 

There a score chart that determine the level of ADHD. Paed says Rara condition is not worrying. It is just purely an active toddler. 

As for SID, it is not commonly found in young children. Research shows SID can only be found as young as 7 year old child however, it is not conclusive. 

The conclusion made by the my paed is that observe for another 1 year – if the condition persist then have to check if Rara is diagnosed with Bi-Polar which is often confused as ADHD and SID (combination of both).

Paedetric bipolar disorder are scarce. You hardly can find a good one in Malaysia that major in this area. But if you do suspect, do pay Dr Koo a visit. She may help. 



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