Indoor playground in KL & Johor – Birthday party with Jkids


My forever running #longlifebattery two year old Rara is absolute full of energy that nobody can cope with! I always imagine to:

  • bubble wrap her so that she can safely play herself
  • bring her to a place that is fully sponge from roof to the floor so that she can jump all around and fall in whichever way and still won’t get injured

Yes. I wish so I Googled.

Jkids 1

Jkids at Paradigm, PJ

Jkids 3

FunFunLand in Kluang

Indoor playground which is getting popular since 2012 in Malaysia attracted me. In fact in 2013, I been one at Kluang, Johor called FunFunLand. But at that time Rara is still young so I can’t really feel much fun out of it. Decided to give it another try this round since baby Issac is gonna have his birthday party at Jkids in Paradigm Mall. 

My experience with Jkids.

First impression, clean and new. Rara actually got so excited as there are many kids running around. She actually get in with the crowd pretty fast and enjoy all the slides and rides. Yea, there are like 2 or 3 rides there.

What to remember to bring are water and socks. No entrance allowed if you do not bring the socks. If you forgot, you may purchase one there. It cost around RM5 / pair (quality is not so good for the RM5 that you are paying).

I notice there are a few maids that bring the kids there without the parents around. According to the supervisor, it is rather common as some mothers will go shopping nearby that floor. Then my next question is, will the maid leave the kids there and run away or even what more horrid, running away with the kids? She say normally the mother will inform them so that they will keep an eye on the maid and kids. Not allowed to leave unless the mother come and pick up themselves. Guess, it is up to the mum how she perceive the “risk” in this case. 

Jkids 5


Jkids 6


Baby Issac party was fun! The food is decent and the cake is fabulous. Issac mummy order buffet and add on some dessert such as the layered jelly egg. 

Jkids 7

  • The ticket entrance is RM30 per pax for unlimited playtime. Guardian(s) enter for free
  • The operating hour is almost same with the mall (10.30am to 9.30pm)
  • Enter with sock is must
  • Guardian(s) must always be in the premise
  • Suitable for 6mo to 9 years – in my opinion

The party cost start from RM500 and depends on how many packs and type of food you order. Of course this exclude decoration. They do have table, chairs and a simple banner if you want.

Review: Value for money 4/5. Clean and new. But a bit too pack during weekend. Good party place for young toddler.



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