How to keep my toodler seated for 10mins – entertainment for unprepared wedding dinner

Dread of long wedding dinner? 


I bet every parent that is under stress from the activeness level of our young toddler during dinner time / outing have somehow force us resorting HANDOVER THE IPAD to our young ones. In fact, it is a surrender act because we are so desperate to make them sit quietly just for one minute!

When I go out with my 20mo, it is a forever battle for me to have a peaceful meal. However, as times goes by and with my husband help, I do realise there are a few ways that we can actually make them sit quietly for a while.

Let me share with you what I did when I brought Rara to a wedding reception recently – when I go unprepared except for a sticker book. Do not ever go unprepared because I am just lucky this round that she actually behave – to my surprise until the very last 30mins before she was “reactivated”. 


I gave Rara milk one hour before we start the dinner. When the first dish is served, she is actually excited to see food. Well I do not usually let her eat out much but guess a little bit unhealthy won’t hurt. I decided to her feed herself. With a napkin around her, it save her little dress from mess. This also helps to improve her BLW. While she enjoying her food, i survived till the second dish.

Stickers and loads and loads of them

Bought 3 stickers books at RM10. I let her put on the stickers on herself and all around the high chairs and daddy’s arm. Of course Rara did not finish all the 3 stickers books as she actually lost interest after the second page. But it still works fine because I already finish up my third dish. 

Napkin origami fun time

There are napkin all over so I decided to make good use of them. I fold and make Rara some nice origami and she love them.  This can occupied her a while even thou she start tearing all the napkin apart. Then, I request a pen for Rara and make her start drawing on it. Honestly, I do not really know what she drew (or write?!) but it is just cute 😛 #biasmum Without realising, I have come to my fifth dish.


Cup and Ice 

Kids love ice. They just simply love it. Request a cup and ice and let her play with it. It won’t get a messy other than a little bit wet. It is manageable. 

Cards and my little wristlet 

Not sure why but she is very obssess with small wristlet. She just could not resist it. Knowing her, I take out my money and left all my cards inside. Rara will take out, put in, take it out, put in and …. Yea, she took 10mins to enjoy the process of the taking out and putting it back. 

Get some help around

There’s always friend around so – get some help. Pass your little girl around your friends. Each of my friend entertained her for 10mins and that give me a peaceful 40mins of enjoying my meal. This settled the rest of my dinner.

Catwalk all around

Well, the last 30mins was actually Rara time where she has “reactivated” her active mood. So I let her catwalk all around. Luckily there’s a lot of small kids and Rara enjoyed their company.



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