Abbreviations for breastfeeding mum

Hi peeps,

I often use a lot of abbreviations so, hope this can ease your understanding when read through my blog.


ACV : Apple Cider Vinegar

BF : Breastfeed/ing / Breastfed
BM : Breast Milk

CL : Confinement Lady

DIL : Daughter-In-Law
DL : Direct Latch

EBM : Expressed Breast Milk
EBF : Exclusively BreastFeeding
EP : Exclusive Pump

FIL : Father-In-Law
FM : Formula Milk
FTWM : Full Time Working Mom
FS: Freestyle

IL : In Law

LC : Lactation Consultant
LO : Little One
LOL: Laugh out loud

MIL : Mother-In-Law

NIP : Nurse In Public

PIL : Parent In Law

SAHM : Stay At Home Mom
STTN : Sleep Thru The Night

VCO : Virgin Coconut Oil

WAHM : Work At Home Mom

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