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Medela Freestyle vs Spectra M1



This is sharing from a singapore mummy, Audrey Yeo which I obtained from a FB group administrated by her. I learn a lot from this group and thus would like to share the review as follows. You may also join her FB group to get more updates and notifications.




M1: It has a very unique suction where it vibrates ur nipple during suction, triggering your letdown to come faster and also helps to stimulate milk production unlike other pumps which will just pull and release.

It has a Joint suction strength/suction duration control, as u increase the suction strength, the suction duration will also get longer. It is a Close System and will auto switch off at 30mins. Has a stimulation button to help achieve a letdown faster. In-built rechargeable battery which can last around 1.5 hour of pumping.


Freestyle: It has a Joint suction strength/suction duration control, as u increase the suction strength, the suction duration will also get longer. It is a Close System.

It starts off with 2mins of fast suction before it automatically changes to slower longer suction. You can undo long suction by pressing the letdown button. It has an lcd screen with timer. It comes with an internal battery that last around 3hours.




Freestyle Cycle: 50-80, stimulation:112 (9Levels) M1 Cycle: 24-38, stimulation:64 (5 Levels) M1 weighs 296g, Freestyle weighs 364.5g M1 is much quieter than FreestyleM1 last around 1.5hours, Freestyle last around 3hours. M1 is slightly bulkier than Freestyle.


EXPERIMENT: Freestyle Level 7 Vs M1 Level 2 (based on the same suction strength) for 2 sessions each pump[fyi, 2 sessions is enough torture already]

Freestyle Cycle: 50, Stimulation 112 M1 Cycle: 38, Stimulation 64 (This is the closest setting that i can set) Time taken: 20mins

End results: Freestyle gave me Major Blocked Ducts!! My Yield Decreased by 120ml from the usual 470ml. In absolute pain and depression!


Thankfully m1 managed to help me unblock the ducts with its very long suction. As a blocked duct saver, i manage to unblock everything in just 15mins(the pump after 1st freestyle trial and 20mins the pump after 2nd freestyle trial). Under normal circumstances, i manage to get my usual yield in only 10mins..

Freestyle’s suction is very surfaced, concentrate on just the nipples. But m1 sucks very deeply that u can feel all the way right under the areola, where all the milk ducts are. Thus m1 can draw a lot of milk during letdown. Thus its recommended to use low strength during pumping and only increase the strength when letdown occurs..




M1 is more suitable for people whose concern is more about emptying their breast, preventing blocked ducts and also mummies who need to get their pumping done as fast as possible due to time constrain.. It is also very pocket friendly as it cost just around $200.

Freestyle is more for people who needs longer battery span and it has a belt clip. It is also suitable for people who are more brand concious as Medela has been a trusted brand and it has a service centre in Toh Guan.

If you have a lot of money, u can buy freestyle for show too. Its also a good tool to disturb the ever so peacefully sleeping hubby(not fair!!). Since it results in lower yield, it should be a good pump to use when i wanna stop breastfeeding.. ;p




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