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 Medela PISA Vs Spectra S1


pnsa pump(2)

This is sharing from a singapore mummy, Audrey Yeo which I obtained from a FB group administrated by her. I learn a lot from this group and thus would like to share the review as follows. You may also join her FB group to get more updates and notifications.


S1 is a hospital grade pump.

It has a very unique suction where it vibrates ur nipple during suction, triggering your letdown to come faster and also helps to stimulate milk production unlike other pumps which will just pull and release.

It allows you to customize your pumping experience. You can set the suction power and suction duration separately. It is Close System, has a timer(auto off at 30mins) and night light(under handle) to make it easier to pump at night. Has a massage button to help achieve a letdown faster. In-built rechargeable battery which can last around 3 hours of pumping

PISA  is medela’s best normal range pump with the strongest suction. It is an Open System.

It starts off with 2mins of fast suction before it changes to slower longer suction automatically. It comes with a detachable battery pack which requires 8-10AA batteries.

PISA  Cycle: 48-74, stimulation at 117 (12Levels)

S1 Cycle: 38-54, stimulation at 70 (12 Levels)

Experiment made on PISA Level 8 Vs S1 Level 6 (based on the same suction strength and cycle) for 6 sessions each pump.

PISA Cycle: 48, Stimulation 117

S1 Cycle: 46, Stimulation 70

Time taken: 20mins

End results: S1 have an average of 30ml of extra yield as compared to PISA.


S1 weighs 1.12kg and PISA is 1.95kg(1.6kg without batt).

S1 is much quieter than PISA

S1 have separate individual setting for suction strength and duration, PISA has a JOINT suction strength n duration setting.

PISA with eneloop rechargeable battery can last more than 15pumping sessions, S1 last around 3hours of pumping session.

S1 is much bulkier than PISA.


S1 is more suitable for people whose concern is more about increasing yield and also to have a more comfortable pumping experience as u can control the suction strength n duration individually. It is also suitable for mummies co-sleeping with their babies as it is a very silent pump. Recommended for Home use, in the Car, and Office use. S1 is also suitable for people who are more concern about budget as it is around 50% cheaper than PISA.

PISA is more suitable for pumping on the go, or for traveling as u will not need to worry about not having enough battery charge as it is very convenient to get AA batteries in convenience store. It is also suitable for people who are more brand conscious as Medela has been a trusted brand and it has a service centre in Toh Guan.

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