My breastfeeding journey Ep 2 – How to success breastfeeding?

Do you have these obstacles?

  • My confinement lady do not support breast feeding.
  • My parent in law do not support breast feeding.
  • My parent and family do not support breast feeding.

That’s enough for you to fail. When you try to breast feed your child under such circumstances, trust me, it is so so tough. Tougher than struck lottery.

How to breastfeed successfully?

Soon as I know I am pregnant, I look for a breast feeding friendly confinement lady (Right #1). She helped me a lot and encourage me to keep feeding and never supplement with formula (Right #2). She told me this,

Olden day there are no formula and we all lived well. You are here, I am here, we all survive. What do you think our parents feed us when there are no formula?

You can read my review on my confinement lady here.

Also, I purposely left my pump back in the city. So that I can’t pump (Right #3) in the first 2 weeks. With this, I can only direct latch my baby (Right #4). Direct latch is the most critical thing to make sure you build a strong base in your breast feeding journey. You just have to hang on and HANG ON and hang on for the first few weeks. Especially the growth spurt weeks.

Baby will normally have their growth spurt on week 3, 5-6, 8, 12, 16. Soon you pass thru the 4th month, breast feeding is like a breeze.

Have the correct positive mindset.

I keep telling myself..

  • I have milk
  • I have sufficient milk for my baby
  • Supply = demand = supply
  • Relax and feed
  • Baby cry do not necessary means baby is hungry
  • Baby stomach equal to my supply as days goes by

Size of a Newborn's Stomach




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