She bakes and paint to raise fund for her sister treatment

Leah bakes and paints to raise fund for Adele, her little sister who is brain injured so that Adele can go for her IAHP treatment. 



As first when I come across this little girl, I told myself well it is just another unfortunate family. What actually impress me is that, they are not just another unfortunate family. They are a family that in fact – more fortunate than anyone of us. Why?

Adele, the little sister, has actually bring the family closer together. Closer than any of us, our family. She bring out the big heart of her sister, Leah and the bond in the family. Instead of asking people for fund donation like what we always see in the newspaper, Leah go extra mile by painting and baking just to raise fund for Adele’s treatment. Kudos Leah!



Photos are from Leah’s page.


If you want to know more about Adele, this is what wrote by the mummy,

Adele our 2nd angel was at 35 weeks and was diagnosed with Microcephaly when she turned 2 months old. CT Scan shown that she had multiple spots of calcifications in her brain where the medical team suspect it to be due to CMV Virus infection. After a few rounds of blood tests, there were no evidence that it was due to CMV Virus. That was the darkest moment of my life. I was hopeless and was not able to seek any support group that is able to assist me with all the questions that were floating in my mind. 

I started posting my experiences and Adele’s progress on some of the closed groups such as Mummies Connect and was surprised by the amount of support, personal emails as well as mums who have wrote to me seeking for ideas and sharing. I then realized that a group such as this is would benefit everyone as we share our experiences, achievements, trials and ideas.
This group is open to everyone who is keen to understand and who is able to support us by sharing your expertise, giving us guidance and most importantly walking with Adele through this journey to wellness. Adele will be embarking on a very interesting journey where she will work very very hard to maximize her brain potential. We have just been given an appointment at the Institutes of the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia and will be taking her there this November. Do join this group or follow us on our blog as as we pen down her activities, challenges and victories. We hope Adele will be an inspiration to everyone that may cross her path. 

Choy, Mei and Leah

This is the photo of Leah and Adele.


This coming Christmas, Leah will be taking orders. Will you share some love of yours?


Order from here,




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