My breastfeeding friendly confinement lady

Soon as I know I am pregnant, I have started looking for “MY” confinement lady. Phobia of tradition confinement that I faced last round, I decided to hunt for a confinement lady that fit “MY Style”. She have to be a breastfeeding friendly and knowledgeable person and DO NOT start nagging me on all the pantang-ish things to do and not to do.

Finally I found “HER” 🙂

During my first confinement, I am not allowed to shower (Chinese believe that if you come in touch with water during the this period, you will have Rheumatism in future), stand or sit up for long (saying that it will weaken our bone or “expand” it causing a bigger hips) and only certain foods are allowed.

With my confinement lady help, she help me to overcome all the totally absolutely rubbish hardship.



She allowed me to take balanced diet. Which means, vegetables and fruits allowed on my plate (Yes, it is awesome!). I ate vegetables and fruits – which all these are the forbidden food as what mentioned by my first confinement lady. Well, in fact, my confinement lady admit that it is true that some of the vegetables are not good as they are too “cooling” for postpartum. However, there are certain type of vegetable and fruits that I can eat.

  1. Broccoli (White and Green)
  2. Spinach (Green and Red)
  3. Carrot
  4. Capsicum
  5. Long bean
  6. Mushroom (All types)

Also there is only one type of fruit allowed.

  1. Apple

My confinement aunty also make some delicious milk boosting dessert for me.

  1. Red bea (Only red!)
  2. Pumpkin soup
  3. Fungus lotus soup
  4. Papaya fungus soup



 Baby Routine & Breast feeding.

A good well knowledge confinement lady does an awesome job not only on food but also help me a lot on my breastfeeding journey. Get it right on the first time, I would say you have conquer a successful breastfeeding journey – at least half of it.

How she do it?

She help me make a good routine for my baby. From my first and third week only direct latch – no pumping. As I am still weak due to postpartum, she encourage co sleep and dream feed baby so that I can rest while feeding. Fourth week is the week that I pump and feed via bottle at night. From then on, my baby will sleep with her. She advise this routine because my baby will sleep in a separate room when I goes back to work. Therefore, she help me train my baby in this way.

At first, my baby will scream out of her lung when bottle feed but things get better as days goes by. Trust me 🙂

She taught me how to bottle feed.

  • Ask your partner / baby caretaker feed for you so that you can have some rest time, also to train your baby to accept soothing from others
  • Change teat and bottles that your baby prefer – I used Avent and my baby is fine with it
  • Feed small portion but more frequently
  • When feeding via bottle make sure the flow is not too fast – can try medela calma teat for start

Postpartum daily routine.

Shower is allowed but with condition.

  1. Washing hair only allowed on 10th day. Then after every 3 days.
  2. Shower can be done every alternate day.
  3. Only shower with herbs.
  4. Hair must be dry up immediately.

Her rationing with shower is this. Olden day people do not shower because the weather is cold in China. They do not sweat. Since we are staying in Malaysia, despite we are Chinese shouldn’t we look at how the Malay do their confinement? I actually learned a lot from her.

Technically, for the first 6 weeks, I have been direct latching and pumping non stop. So other than makan, minum, tidur urut and feeding, I does nothing else.

You can read more about my post natal care – urut review here.


My Verdict?

Pro: as mentioned above.

Con: She do not help out with house work nor take care of my elder (she said so when I interview her).

I personally like her. For sure, I will engage her for my #3 child, if I have one.

20 thoughts on “My breastfeeding friendly confinement lady

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  2. Hi I used Lillian recommended from Mediguide Moms , Chinese lady. More expensive than the Philipinos ones but she was good. I would recommend her though she cant keep going up and down the stairs cause quite old.But overall she knew her stuff. I contacted her through mediguide 0102322785

  3. Hello everyone,
    I’ve just finished with my confinement month. I would like to give credit to my confinement lady. She actually wakes up early in the morning to do house chores, as well as cooking breakfast and she is already done with all the laundries once I am awake. She is beyond my expectations and I am especially most satisfied with her taking care of my precious baby. My newborn is mostly with her, and she volunteers to lend me a helping hand so that I am able to rest more. She satisfies my belly with her cooking skills. Her dishes were hearty and warm. It was rather delicious and the dishes she cooks are quite hard to find here in West Malaysia. She cooks different varieties of dishes to satisfy my boring pallet. She knows how to cook KA CANG MA and not to mention that her PORK VINEGAR dish is superb! Overall, I experienced an incredible confinement month thanks to her. Her bubbly and friendly personality kept me away from my dull and boring confinement month. I would like to recommend her to all of guys. Her services is by far the best , compared to my friend’s experience with their confinement lady. Motherhood was tiring, but it is a bundle of joy. She only does services for those who’s doing confinement themselves and she also does confinement catering services. If I recalled correctly, she told me once that she only does the confinement catering services around subang jaya area.
    This is her contact,
    0163206726. Madam Chai


  4. Hi! If this is the same lady, she was also my Confinement lady when I had my first child – I adored her! I have since been trying to call her to book for my second child due end of the year, but the numbers i have all dont work, woild you be so kind as to email me her current contact?? Will really appreciate it so much!! Thank you!!

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