Pump at work Ep 4 – Freehand pumping

Freemie 00

Freemie. Pump with bra and shirt on.

Have been using medela freestyle all along and i have been very happy with the handsfree function. I always think that it is the best handsfree pump until I joined the facebook group called Exclusive Breastfeeding Mums and discover FREEMIE!

Let me share with you what is Freemie all about. It is a milk collector cup that allow you to use it as “milk bottles” and pump straight into it. The only differences with the normal milk bottle is that:

  • You can pump with shirt on as it stuck in behind your bra
  • You could not feed your baby using this cup as it does not act as a bottle

According to the website, it does not compatible with other pump but Freedom. However, a lot of review shows that it is compatible with Spectra M1 and S1 and also +9. Medela also can be use but may face backflow problems. This then can be resolve by purchasing backflow protector kits.

Spectra +9 with Freemie

Freemie 1

Spectra M1 with Freemie

Freemie 2

Medela FS with Freemie

Freemie fs



It is so quiet to be used and that it made me possible to pump at desk. I no longer need to hold on my bottles when pumping nor require me to buy additional bra or strap for the handsfree functtion. There are not much part to wash – only the cup. It is very good when one want to do power pump as it made the 10min 5min method bearable. Very good for heavy pump user.

Con: It affect my supply initially as the suction is not strong enough. However, I manage to adapt to it soon after. Could not direct feed from the cup collector so have to pour out and this is so sad for a low supply mum like me – waste of milk. The cup is frosted so I can see my letdown and there’s no measurement.

Verdict: If you are a heavy pump user then it is very good for you. But for long run, it is still advisable to use pump with flange because it work much better in terms of suction.

Read more about my Freemie and Medela FS here!


13 thoughts on “Pump at work Ep 4 – Freehand pumping

  1. Which connection kit are you using to make the freemies fit the spectra pumps (s1, s2, m1, 9, etc?)

    Freemie reps say they only work with the spectra dew.


    • My friend is using Spectra S1. Yes, the freemie rep do say that they only work with spectra dew but my friend manager to use it.. U can see my blog for the photo how she connect the spectra to the freemie.. Just use the normal kit and connect with the T-tube and to your S1 tubing,, It works well..

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