Pump at work Ep 3 – Milk handling & storage

How you store your milk? As a working mum, baby are taken care by in law, parents or child care. Thus, milk storage come in as a very important method to ensure efficient and effective feeding both for you and your child taker.

All the below is merely a sharing of how I store and handle thus, it is not medically proven correct. It is base on my experience of two child and own research.

There are a few important thing to note.

  • How to combine milk that I pumped at different session?

Every time when i pump at work, I will date the time and date. When I reach home I will put all the EBM in the fridge for 2-3 hours. This is to ensure the milk are in same temperature. Milk can only be combined at the same temperature.

I will combine the milk that is of nearest date and time.

  • How much to store?

I store according to my baby feed. For now, I store 4oz per storage bag / bottle. I will normally use bottle so that I will waste less milk. If you use bottle and storage bag, you will know what I mean by waste less milk (the milk will stain on the bottle).

As my baby grew bigger, I prefer to use storage bag as it allows me to store 6oz per bag. I personally tried a few different brand of storage bag and I am a fonder of Autumnz and Honey suckle.

  • What type of storage bag / bottle to use?

I am using medela freestyle thus wide neck bottle does fine.

I have tried a few brand and I settle with Bumble Bee as it does not leak like jingle bell. I also tried avent, safety plus, medela and momslittleone. So that is total of about 6 different brand (LMAO – I am crazy).

There are also a few brands that I tried for storage bag. Autumnz, Honey Suckle, Avent, Green Sprout, NUK, Jaco and Bittato. Honestly, the list will just go on and on as there are too many brands out there. From all the above I tried, I love Autumnz and Honey Suckle the best because they are double zip bag and have never ever fail me before. Meaning, never leak. Others, I have either experience leaking or it is just too expensive to use. NUK is the worst. Jaco also is another favourite of mine when I am looking for a storage bag that I can heat up the milk. You can just heat the milk up in the bag.

jingle bell bottle



FAQ of EP mummy


  • Can I refreeze my FM?

No. Once you thaw your FM, you cannot refreeze it.

  • How to thaw my FM?

You take out the milk from freezer and put in fridge. Normally I will put in a bowl of water then in the fridge. It will take about 8 hours to thaw. Use the milk 24 hours after thaw. Discard after 24 hours.

  • Can I store back the milk that my baby do not finished?

You can keep it but within 1 hour. 1 hour time taken into consideration that you start feeding.

  • What is the temperate of the storage guideline?

I used to refer to this table.

Update: Reader have been frequently asking about the freezer compartment – 2 week storage guideline. This actually refer to one door fridge (the older style). If your fridge is a two door compartment separate the freezer and non-freezer, then it can last up to 3 months.

Temperature Storage Time
Freshly expressed milk
Warm room 80-90°F / 27-32°C 3-4 hours
Room temperature 61-79°F / 16-26°C 4-8 hours
(ideal: 3-4 hours)
Insulated cooler / ice packs 59°F / 15°C 24 hours
Refrigerated Milk (Store at back, away from door)
Refrigerator (fresh milk) 32-39°F / 0-4°C 3-8 days
(ideal: 72 hrs)
Refrigerator (thawed milk) 32-39°F / 0-4°C 24 hours
Frozen Milk (Do not refreeze! Store at back, away from door/sides)
Freezer compartment inside refrigerator (older-style) Varies 2 weeks
Self-contained freezer unit of a refrigerator/freezer <39°F / <4°C 6 months
Separate deep freeze 0°F / -18°C 12 months
(ideal: 6 months)
These guidelines are for milk expressed for a full-term healthy baby.  If baby is seriously ill and/or hospitalized, discuss storage guidelines with baby’s doctor.

Hope these are useful to you 🙂


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