Pump at work Ep 2 – Pump Schedule

Worried that boss may not like it that I took up a lot of time pumping.

Started work and finally I settled with my awesome pump schedule 🙂

Always committed with my midnight pump because it helps to maintain my milk supply and hopefully do some wonder by increasing it.

  • 2am (30mins)
  • 5am (15mins)
  • 9am (10mins)
  • 12nn (20mins)
  • 4pm (15mins)
  • 7pm (20mins)
  • 10pm (20mins)

As you can see, I will need to pump 3 times in my office at least if I do not work overtime, Therefore, I will settle back with about 10 to 12oz . Each pump time I will take about 10-20mins depending on work schedule.

Sometimes if i am too busy I will move the 9am to 10am then continue with 2pm then 6pm. These days I will pump only 6 times per day.

Have a nice day!


One thought on “Pump at work Ep 2 – Pump Schedule

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