Don’t take your Vitamins!


I never think of any possibility that Vitamin may do harm to me. Do you?

As a full time working cum breastfeeding mum, I have been emphasized a lot on supplement because i strongly believe that it helps me to gain nutrients that I need – which I already testify it here.

Then, I come across this article (there is also this website that shared by a mummy in a facebook group) that explain Vitamin may actually do harm to our health.

Let me summarize what the article talks about.


What it actually said?


1. Connection between the supplement and increase rate of cancer and mortality

  • Article dictate a few studies that shows the connection between intake of supplement with increase rate of cancer and mortality as below:
    • The New York Times – Sunday review says that one disturbing fact about vitamin is that large quantities of supplements vitamin can do harm (ok, note that they are talking about LARGE quantities).
    • The New England Journal of Medicine has then do a few studies – giving smokers daily vitamin E for five to eight years which most likely die from lung cancer and heart disease.

2. Antioxidants vs Oxidants

Well, firstly let’s talk about the oxidant (the evil of the antioxidants).

  • Oxidation is the generation of atomic scavengers called free radicals which damage DNA, cell membrane and lining of arteries.
  • There are no studies has in fact shown large dose of anti-oxidants supported their use!

3. F.D.A plan to make vitamin makers to prove their “megavitamin” are safe before selling as they are concern with the larger and larger number of people taking vitamins – often in large quantities

  • F.D.A plan to make the vitamin makers to prove their “megavitamin” are safe before selling by introducing a bill. Before F.D.A able to make it on time, a Democratic Senator has successfully pass a bill that prevent the regulation of what F.D.A desired.
  • Therefore, F.D.A did not actually inform the consumers of this possibility of risk.


Now tell me, what you think?


After reading this, I consulted my friend who is a strong believer of a MLM supplement products. She asked me a few questions.

  •  It is true that nutrients can be obtain from food
  • You may think that our great / grandparents do not take that much of supplements and they are still doing fine, don’t they?
  • Supplements are just scam to make money
  • Taking too much of supplement won’t do us good, after all they are not “natural” in a way, right?

I think again what she asked, paused. It might be true in a way.. She then continue,

  • Does the food in the past same as the one we taking now? In terms of quality?
  • Our great / grandparents do not take much junk compared to us right? Guess, they eat more vege and less meat than most of us. How many times does your great / grandparents take fast food per week?
  • Soil is no longer the same
  • Fruits and vege do being harvest faster now compared to last time

Well, in my opinion as I don’t over do it, should be fine.

Moderation is the key.




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