Baby bouncer or baby swing?

I am deciding which to get, a bouncer or a swing (or both?! shopaholic addict :P)

When I was young, I do have a bouncer and a swing which looks like these:



Do you have this when you was young? LOL Guess this is the 80’s baby’s products..

Now, baby bouncer and swing are much more advance and look so much nicer.. Let me share with you this product info that I obtained from you tube.. Gosh.. They are so nice (got lullaby songs, got swing speed, got soft toys, soft padding and etc.) which I wish I (am millionaire) can just buy all of them! ‘M loving it!!


Product introduction:





Of course, this is only one of the brand that you can actually buy from the market. In fact, when you go baby fair or expo, there are so much more other brand to choose but I do personally love this brand because it is just so so cute! (ok, vain-me)

When I am deciding which to buy.. again.. I have to somehow draw it out in order for me to make a better decision.. Let me share my lil thought with you..

I decided to get a baby swing instead of baby bouncer because I think I will save up the cost for baby seat and baby walker later on.. Plus I don’t really like the idea of VIBRATING my baby.. It makes me wonder whether my baby brain will be affect or not.. You take a close look at the baby bouncer! It just vibrate up and down like shaking the brain out! Personally don’t like it!


What to consider when buying a baby swing?

  • Safety

             You have to make sure the stand of the swing is firm and there are no small parts that can choke the baby. Best is to ask for certificate from the sales person to show that the product is safe for baby. Also, check whether the padding of the swing if there is any holes or cotton that may be consumed by the baby.

  • Comfort

Try feel the padding of the swing. Look at the design and color of the swing. Most reviews say “cloud” (a pale sky blue), “petal” (a soft pink), “silver sage” (a soft grey-green), and “bisque” (a creamy neutral) color are best for infant soothing. So try to opt for these colors. Make sure the materials are good and the color are not easily fade away (you would not want your baby to eat that!)

  • Laundry

Find a swing that the padding are detachable so that you can clean it from time to time

  • Accessories

Make sure the volume of the swing is able to adjust so that is it not too loud for your baby. Baby can hear sound 20-30 db which is sufficient from them to listen clearly. Again, toys and accessories should be safe for baby.

Which brand of baby swing?

The available brands that are easily found on market are:

  • Fischer Price
  • Bright starts
  • Baby Einstein
  • Graco
  • Evenflo

Each brand would have stream line of baby swing product. Prices wise is about the same for chair swing however, the more accessories you choose, the more expensive it is. Using a benchmark range of 6 speed, 2-3 soft toys and 4 songs of baby swing, the differences between each brand is only about RM40-RM60 differences.

My final decision falls on Bright starts baby swing – Comfort and Harmony Vintage. It costs about SGD$229. Got my lil sister buy from Singapore – cheaper than M’sia by RM100. Good buy!!

Reason of purchase:

  • It is the best buy – price wise
  • It meet all my consideration of above
  • It can hold baby up to 11kg – about 10-12months (depends on baby size)
  • It do not stand much space compared to other baby chair swing
  • It is pink and cute!!!

Hope you will have a good buy on your baby bouncer or swing!



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