Labour bag

Every hospital actually do provide difference service and necessities for mummy and baby comfort so do check out with your hospital what do they provide (of course you need to pay).

If possible, try to get a checklist from the mid-wife and they will actually tell you what to bring and what you can actually bring. Some of the items (ie. maternity pads) they have already surcharge in your labour package so, don’t bother to bring your own since you have already paid for it anyway!!

These are the essentials that you can prepare:

i. For private hospital:

  • Slippers
  • Socks (per stay over night) – You will feel cold after labour
  • Toiletries
  • Go home attire
  • Maternity panty liner (1 or 2 is sufficient)
  • Disposal panties or panties
  • Your IC, blue card (get it from your gynae) or any other identification documents
  • Your wallet, handphone and medical card
  • Some snacks and water – so that you will have energy to push later but my MIL told me that do not take too heavy food or full wheat bread.. Saying there maybe too much gas in stomach later on (believe it or not)..
  • 2 laundry bags
  • Baby going home outfit
  • Baby mittens and booties
  • Diapers (1-2 should be enough)
  • Baby blanket
  • Nappy
  • Baby wipes
  • Cotton wool balls


  • Birth plan – if you have one but normally would have pre communicate with gynae
  • Your cord blood saving kits – I am using stemlife so there is this big box that I need to bring
  • DVD player and some DVDs – to release pain
  • Small towels – for sweat and biting when I am in pain
  • Your contact lens, casing, solution and specs
  • Make up kits – ok, it is really optional.. i know..

ii. For semi private/government hospital (in addition of above):

  • Sleep wear (per stay over night) – better to get a button down wear ~ easier for breast-feeding
  • Loose t-shirt (per stay over night)
  • Sarung (per stay over night) – not possible to wear pants or panties as it uncomfortable!
  • Maternity panty liner (one pack – about 15-20 pads)
  • Feeding bras (2 should be sufficient)
  • Bra pads (one box)
  • Nursing cover

What not to bring?

  • Your engagement/wedding ring
  • Your jewelry – trust me, you will misplace it!
  • Don’t wear your contact lens – long hour labour will cause your eye gets dry

Sample of photos as below:

Good luck =)


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