Santorini Hello Kitty Land, Johor Malaysia – Itinerary blog review

To fully enjoy make sure you plan your itinerary well!

Tips tips and more tips to share..

Arrive early and have you heavy breakfast before you go in.

Spend 10:00 to 11:00 to enjoy all the activities first to avoid que at the later part of the day as normally people will be attracted with all the shows going on the stage. These shows do repeat 2-3 times a days so no worries. Play your card smart.

Therefore, start off with the activities from 10:00 to 11:30 for these hands on activities with your kids.

  • Tea Cup Ride
  • Wishful Studio 1 (Cookie decoration and Manicure)**
Badge making for little girl
Bonding time daddy and little girl
Badge!! Each for each of us and no extra charges 🙂 
  • Hello Kitty House (Visit a house that is full of Hello Kitty)
  • Wishful Studio 2 (Jewellery making, photo shoots & costume play time)**
Cookie decoration time!!
Cookie decoration by daddy and little girl
Cookie decoration WIP
  • Black wonder (Mission to save Hello Kitty)

Once you enjoy all these hands on activities and you have more time, go for the indoor playground while wait for the upcoming shows. Or grab the time window 11:30 to 12:30 for lunch and avoid the lunch crowd.

  • Friendship Land (Indoor playground)


Let me share my shows itinerary as follows (most of them are around the Purfect Stage):

  • 12.30 hello kitty mini show starlight
  • 13:00 hello kitty meet and greet (Dream Foto Garden)
  • 13:30 hello kitty melody
  • 14:00 hello kitty parade
  • 14:30 Thomas mini show*
  • 15:00 Bob and builder*
  • 15:30 Angelina ballerina*
  • 16:00 Pingu*
  • 16:30 Barney mini show*
  • 17:00 Baryney meet and greet*
  • 17:45 LBC come and join the party*

Note the *events are at Floor 2 while the rest are at Floor 1. I design my itinerary in a way that I do not have to rush up and down the floor.


Once you are at Floor 2, you may want to hang out at the follow place while waiting for the shows and activities.

  • Barney Play House**
  • Pingu’s Igloo
  • Bob’s the Builder
  • Bertie the Bus
  • Angelina Studio**
  • Windmile Ride
  • Coline Crane
  • Harlo Ride
  • Sardo Playground

My favourite activities are those labelled with ** ~ highly recommended!

Angeline Studio

Sanrio Hello Kitty Land, Johor Malaysia – Travelling tips with my toddler and baby

Hello Kitty Land, Nusajaya Johor Malaysia

Long weekend getaway

I decided to visit Hello Kitty Land during one of the long weekend because it is near (approximate 3 hours drive from KL) and it is indoor.

Well, since there are not much review, I decided to share a few tips and information with you.

Useful information

Best time to visit: 

  • Weekend will be Sunday and Weekday will be Mon – Thurs due to Johor weekend falls on Friday and Saturday which is different from other states – no school days means less crowd 🙂

How long does it takes to visit: 

  • One day trip could cover up the 3 floors of theme park well
  • Do arrive early says 10am in the morning (soon as they start) and do enjoy till the very last moment 6pm

Where to dine: 

  • They have pretty good choices of cafes and restaurant in the building itself so do not worry
  • Price range from MYR8 could get a decent meal

Breastfeeding and baby friendliness: 

  • Shame, not breastfeeding friendly
  • NIP is NOT NOT common in Malaysia so do remember to bring a nursing cover

Attraction and activities: 

  • It is mainly divided into 2 areas; Hello Kitty and the Big playtime
  • 3 floors covers 2 theme and 3rd floor is the theme park
  • Long list of shows, activities and parade so do plan well to full enjoy every shows! Make sure you do not miss any of them! Click here for my itinerary tips 

How much does it cost: 

  • Ticket for kids priced at MYR 55, adult for MYR75
  • Maid consider as foreigner rate ya

What to expect: 

  • Cold – remember to bring jacket for you kids especially if you are visiting on a off peak day
  • Small snacks and water for the kids – not convenient to go in and out to purchase food as the staffs need to keep checking your tickets
  • BF gadget as it is a non BF friendly place
  • Socks – need to wear it at the play area

For more references:

Yoomi – Breastfeeding friendly bottle



Selling point for this milk bottle is the self warming system.

  • Warm up milk in 60sec
  • Milk temperature at a perfect 32-34’C
  • Anti colic & nipple resemble teat
  • 100% BPA free

When I first told my husband that I want to purchase this milk bottle, my husband was much skeptical about it. The very first thing that he asked is, why do I need this?

In my opinion, this invention is actually to replace the warmer. Instead of warming up the milk using the warmer, one can straight use this bottle to warm and feed directly – in a much shorter time too!

I would want to share out my review of Yoomi as follows.

  • Should I buy Yoomi?
  • How to use Yoomi?
  • Is it safe to use? I am afraid it may scald my baby or even electrocute my baby!
  • Is it difficult to wash and how many components there are?
  • My experience
  • Useful Video & FAQ

Hope my review helps.

My breastfeeding friendly confinement lady

My confinement lady called me and thank me for giving her a good review (no discount if i were to engage her again thou.. LOL) however, she say that she is fully booked till end of next year already.. So she want to thank all my reader who support her 🙂

halfmummy, quarterwife, a full time working babe

Soon as I know I am pregnant, I have started looking for “MY” confinement lady. Phobia of tradition confinement that I faced last round, I decided to hunt for a confinement lady that fit “MY Style”. She have to be a breastfeeding friendly and knowledgeable person and DO NOT start nagging me on all the pantang-ish things to do and not to do.

Finally I found “HER” 🙂

During my first confinement, I am not allowed to shower (Chinese believe that if you come in touch with water during the this period, you will have Rheumatism in future), stand or sit up for long (saying that it will weaken our bone or “expand” it causing a bigger hips) and only certain foods are allowed.

With my confinement lady help, she help me to overcome all the totally absolutely rubbish hardship.


She allowed me to take balanced diet. Which means, vegetables…

View original post 550 more words

Freemie reseller

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.00.29 AM

There are so many reseller on the market so how to go about to decide who to buy from?

Tip #1

Accessibility is always very important to me. I personally prefer to buy from shop or local reseller and the nearer the better. This is because I believer if anything happens I can go back to the reseller easily. Then again, online reseller works fine for me – normally their price are more competitive.

Tip #2

Warranty. I want a warranty that can be directly send back to the manufacturer. So, No No No parallel importer. My experience with parallel importer was VERY BAD. They took my xxx back and come back to me very very late. Worse, they send my xxx to a local shop and get it repair and send it back to me and I realise it is not fixed with some of my original part missing!

Tip #3

Service. When you buy a new thing in the market (Yes, Freemie was very new in Malaysia market back then in early 2014), you want a reseller that can help to advise.

Tip #4

Of course, money matters. I compare price.

There is a long long list of reseller that you can find. Back then there are less than 3 to choose from. I bought mine from Pump Love, the first and authorised reseller in Malaysia. So far, I am very happy with her service as she teach me how to use and get back to my every question when I asked.  Also, her price are the cheapest among all the quotation that I obtained.

Sharing out Pump Love contact : +016 774 9968

Freemie – Compatible pump

IMG_6598 2

Freemie website have stressed out that not all type of pump is compatible. Thus, you must be careful when you make decision to buy or not.

List of breast pump that is compatible with Freemie are as below:


  • Latina
  • Personal
  • PISA
  • Symphony


  • TEB


  • Purely Yours


  • Freedom
  • Equality

This is what I get from the reseller. I was over whelmed at first because there are SO MANY parts! Keep calm people. Keep calm.

IMG_6599 2

From the photo above, I will go start from box and clockwise to explain what I have. Ignore my meddle spare kit.

  • Freemie assembled cup in the box
  • Tube 1
  • Backflow protector (BFP)
  • Tube 2
  • Tube 3

IMG_6600 2

Let me share my vidoe with you how to assemble Freemie.

Freemie Deluxe – Assemble with my Medela Freestyle


FAQ: If I am using a non compatible pump (like me, I am using Medela Freestyle), can I self modify / enhance the parts to suit my pump?

I have read and understood that my pump, Medela Freestyle is not compatible with Freemie so I have made enquiries to the reseller and ask about it. I am worried what if I have spend the money and I could not use it? Worse, if I have to buy another pump just to use Freemie. My conversation and queries with the reseller as follows (green is reseller):

  • Is it compatible with Medela Freestyle?
  • Yes.
  • But I read and research, so far the reviews all commented a no.
  • For Medela Deluxe, if you can use it with Medela Deluxe.
  • What is the concern and why everyone say No? What is the risk?
  • If you use a wrong pump the risk is the back flow problem. The milk may flow back to your pump. This can actually be resolved if you use a back flow protector.

This is the back flow protector and how to assemble. A little modification and it works!


Tutorial & step by step:

  • After you assemble freemie (refer to my previous video sharing), you can now connect your tube to the (tube 2 – which is the bigger tube) .
  • Fix the tube 2 to your BFP.

TAKE NOTE! You must fix the tube 2 connecting to the smaller tubing toward the pump. Or else the BFP won’t be protecting your pump!

  • Then connect the other end of tube 2 to Medela.

Vola! Happy pumping people!

My Journey Freemie Deluxe

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.00.29 AM

Freemie Deluxe

Freemie introduce a new way of handsfree pump. Being an EPM mummy, handsfree pump is almost a gem of all the creation in the world. It saves time and enable me to multitask. If you are a FTW BF mummy, you know what I am talking!

I have been using Medela Freestyle since Jan 2012 till today, and still counting. A very happy and contented user till I changed job this year where I need to travel 2 hours to and fro work everyday. My colleague then told me how she save time is, she pumped in the car while stuck in the jam. Brilliant? I tried, but my meddle freestyle just a little bit too hard for me to pump “invisible” because once I fixed my pump on handsfree mode, it will looking a horizontal KLCC tower stuck out on my breast.


Medela Freestyle – Handsfree pump

My journey with Freemie started when one the mummy show casing how she pump with her shirt on and looking almost invisible. It enable her to pump everywhere and anywhere without anyone realising. Well, some of my reader asked, why bother? As an Asian mum, we live in a culture where people are more conservative. Plus, if you have came to Malaysia for a tour, you will realise that Malaysia has just started to be a breastfeeding friendly place starting this year, 2014.

My sharing on Freemie will be categorised as below so that it ease your search.

Hope my sharing helps and let me know if you have any questions. Lastly, I have got dozen of PM asking where I buy my Freemie. It is bought from an authorised reseller called PumpLove.

Will share her phone number here so that you can whatsapp her +016 774 9968. Not sure what is her name but you can just call up and ask her for more details 🙂

Don’t understand all the short abbreviation? Read here 🙂

Dip n Dip, Telawi Bangsar

Dip n Dip, Telawi Bangsar


Was fascinated by all the yum yum review of Dip n Dip Belgium chocolate. Therefore, I have been bugging my hubby to bring me there!


  • Menu price and food range (3/5)

It was on the high side of price range. Per pax is about RM20-25. They have variety of dessert but I find the taste similar to each other. Nothing to shout about.


  • Taste (2/5)

I have taste much better Belgium chocolate that this. If talking about an afternoon to spend time having dessert over a cup of coffee, there are other much better choice. So, IMO, my first and last.

  • Ambiance (4/5)

We enjoy the place very much. It is very comfy and clean. Guess that the RM60 we spend are for the comfy chair and air conditioning.


Conclusion: My first and last 😛

GO Noodle House, The School Jaya One

Go Noodle House, The School Jaya One


Found something nice today. Soup soup more soup! Hubby and I have a thing for soup *twink twink*

Go Noodle House is one of my favourite ever since I visited them. This slurp-worthy noodle is one of the 20km worth travelling food irregardless taste or price wise. It is just too too awesome!

The only thing is that I have to pump before I eat because this noodles consist of wine and quite a fair bit of it. I think that’s why the fragrance linger in my mouth for hours! #drooling


Not only the soup base noodle taste nice, even the dry noodle is yummy!

  • Menu price and food range (5/5)

Taste vs price, I would say worth it! Even thou it is more expensive that other noodle house chain shop, but they use fresh and good ingredient. If you usually cook you will know what I mean. The soup noodle is order is RM14.50 and dry noodle is RM8.60.

  • Taste (5/5)

Highly recommended. Taste to conquer 🙂

  • Ambiance (3/5)

One thing I do not like is, the shop have a weird smell. The table is sticky.

Conclusion: Highly recommended and it is in one of my must visit monthly restaurant.

有間麵館 GO Noodle House
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7499 1126

Business Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.


Also would like to reblog a comprehensive blog by Nigel Low about this shop as follows:

Providing a rustic touch, the newly opened GO Noodle House has been the latest buzzword around The School, garnering positive feedbacks from customers for its slurp-worthy noodles. A brainchild of Alvin Tan, the restaurant offers a distinct ancient Chinese ambiance to match its noodles that dates back to the Chinese imperial era. According to its menu, San Xian Tang Mi Xian originates from the early years of Qing Dynasty where Emperor KangXi visited his southern empire. During his entourage, he came across a shed by the lakeside and noticed people eating noodles from a bowl. He then ordered one to try with a bottle of Chinese wine. Upon eating it, he realised that the the noodle soup tasted so good and he asked the chef what were the ingredients. The chef replied that it was Shan Xian Noodle which is made from fresh ingredients that are sourced from the mountain range nearby. Hearing that, the emperor came up with an idea of adding Chinese wine to his bowl of noodle to enhance the flavour. He loved the combination so much that he invited the chef back to his palace to make the noodles as part of his imperial cuisine.


GO Noodle House which stands for ‘Got One Noodle House’ is a play word that Alvin thought of when he was trying to figure out a name for his restaurant. “Initially, I thought of ‘San Xian Noodle House or Kingdom Noodle House’ but somehow it didn’t match our theme. GO Noodle House sounds more aptly, since people tend to ask if there is any good place to have noodles, he joked.


Alvin’s personal favourite Grouper Fish Slice (RM 14.50) with Frog (RM 9.00) was scrumptiously inviting with its silky smooth Mi Xian noodles, fresh tasting fish slices and frog all immersed in the tasty home-made soup. “To ensure freshness, we source the fish daily from our supplier. We also limit the quantity purchased and any unused meat will be discarded”, he explained.


He also added that each bowl is individually prepared and hence takes time for the order to arrive at the customer’s table. “Certain ingredients are cooked with different timing too. For example, pork balls take a longer time to cook than slices of Grouper fish”, he added.


The Pork Ball noodle (RM 8.70) with Pork Belly Slice (RM 5.50) naturally came with all the porky goodness. Portion wise, the generous serving at GO Noodle House was a plus point where strands of Mi Xian noodles didn’t seem to lessen despite tucking into it insatiably.


The Superior Soup is also versatile enough to yield different flavours when paired with different ingredients. “Although we use the same soup base, the Clam (Kepah) Soup has a distinct taste” he said. True enough, the soup carried a briny tang of flavour which is unlike the taste found inside the noodle soup. The clams were also fresh as evident from the plump flesh. CBo2t

“Our signature Superior Soup based noodles comes with a small quantity of wine to enhance the flavour. We also sell three to thirty-year-aged bottles of Chinese wine (RM 29.90 – RM 388.90) for our customers who like to have more flavour in their soup”, he added. Alvin promptly poured a spoonful of five-year old wine into the bowl of noodle and asked to taste the difference. The rich-flavored amber liquid wine added a boost of flavour and fragrance to already tasty soup, a must-have item for those looking to dig into the bowl of noodle with relish. One could only imagine what it would be like to add the premium thirty-year-aged wine instead. “We will normally keep the wine bottles at our premise. Customers can also bring it back if they wish”, he explained. Apart from being a flavour enhancer, he also said the wine can be readily consumed as a beverage as well. Alvin reckoned that the profit margin from selling these bottled wines is very marginal but he considers selling it as a value-added service since the history of Shan Xian Noodles is associated with the Chinese wine which improves the flavour of the soup.  He also added that each bottle can last up to fifty servings.


GO Noodle House also offers Pan Mee (flat flour noodle) in several variation (thick, thin or torn) served in either Superior Soup (RM 8.60), Home Made Spicy Soup (RM 8.90), Trio Special Dark Sauce (RM 8.60) or Trio Special Spicy Dark Sauce (RM 8.90). The noodles were freshly made with springy texture while the dark sauce has a bold taste of spiciness that comes from their unique concoction of ingredients. Alvin also added that the kitchen only kneads up to eight kilograms of noodles to ensure freshness of the noodles.

Despite being only a month old, Alvin has plans to take GO Noodle House to greater heights. “Our express concept restaurant will be opening soon just outside the current premise.  We plan to serve quick meals there at an affordable price range. Plans to franchise the brand is also in the pipeline but for the moment, he would like to ensure that everything is in place. I want to make sure that our food quality meets the highest standards”, he said.

Credit to Nigel Low for such comprehensive review. Click here for the link to the blog.